North Marion Girls Gets Revenge On YC

By Jeremy McDonald

YAMHILL, Ore.– North Marion had their fair share of struggles against Yamhill-Carlton Friday night with turnovers against the Lady Tigers defense and fouls on the defensive front, but they found someway to compensate for it by pushing tempo whenever they got a rebound or getting a turnover as a defense as they built a 24-9 lead halfway through the second quarter.

“We just need to start every game to playing to our potential, we need to come out stronger and harder,” said Ally Umbenhower on the early going’s in the game Friday night. “Like we did pretty good tonight, but we really need to stay consistent you know we’re kind of up-and-down. So yeah we just need to come out with a little more consistency.”

Though they found more consistency than not during the remainder of the game, they found ways to keep Sadie Horne and company from making a run and finding lanes and holes in their defense to continue to add onto their lead and taking the game 54-39 to piece together a back-to-back wins after losing two tough games to Stayton and Cascade to close out the regular season.

“It was pretty nice, it was pretty devastating when we did lose that first game (at home) at that time,” said Raymee Boese on rebounding back after their January 19 loss in Aurora.

Head Coach Trevor Bodine directing his players on where to go during Friday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

With Philomath Tuesday at home, the Lady Huskies have a chance to continue to build upon this momentum in time for their two big games against the Lady Eagles and the Lady Cougars to close out the regular season.

“Just come out strong,” laughed Boese who had four points in the win but was a force in the rebounding game Friday night. “I think we just keeping in our minds that we are better and not say that they’re going to take us down, we’re going to take them down and we need to play with a winners (mindset).”

For Umbenhower, who celebrated her 18th birthday with a 13-point performance, laughed when asked how nice it was to win.

“It was great to get the win on my birthday, especially after losing to them the first-time,” said Umbenhower with a smile.

Hannah Kinniburgh led all scorers with 16 points, Mya Hammack added another 10. Katie Ensign had five, Mar Verastegui added four and Lindy Wing added two in the win.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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