Harris Taking Off For His Junior Season

By Jeremy McDonald


TURNER, Ore.–  Treyden Harris has been making a case for Oregon West Conference Player of the Year if not first-team at the bare minimal as a junior this season.

After averaging about 12 points a game as a sophomore around a senior-heavy guard group that featured Shane Schnapp and Tyler Walker to name a few that allowed the six-foot-two guard to develop in a war machine built for battle as Harris is now scoring 25 points a game with a season-high of 36 points earlier this season.

As a student of the game, Harris trained to get to this point, but is humble when he gives his team around him credit in giving him the open looks to be so successful this season

“We’ve had a lot of good players last year and we got a lot of good players this year, a little more athletic, a little more room to work.  I don’t know, the ball is just going into the bucket,”  Said Harris.  “Just team work, they move the ball, they move the ball around.  They score buckets when they need to, they’re aggressive when they need to be.  All of us are aggressive when we need to be.”

Father Andre Harris, who’s an assistant under Head Coach Steve Ball and been a part of the program for the last two seasons after helping out a bit during Treyden’s freshman year, talked about the development of his son through the years.

“To be honest with you, it’s just crazy just to watch him from what he used to play as to now how he’s grown now, you’re seeing the competitive nature out of him now.  Before he use to be passive, let the game take over and now he’s taking over games,” said Andre Harris on Treyden

You’ve seen how aggressive he’s been on the court this season.  The fourth quarter against Gladstone.  Stepping up against Stayton and North Marion, the latter in which three of his 30 points proved the difference in their 77-74 victory this past Wednesday as Cascade sits 3-3 in League play with the Eagles on Friday evening at home.

Treyden Harris dribbling down court during Tuesday’s Practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Learning from his father as a coach as much as he is from Ball and the rest of the Cougar staff this season has been big for Harris in his developing in becoming an all-around basketball player.

“I think it’s amazing, he’s treats me like everyone else out here,” said Treyden Harris on his father and continues about the coaching staff as a whole.  “I learned a lot about leadership.  A lot of classable play.”

Leadership, along with confidence your seeing Harris gain this season in the starting lineup and working through the grind of the game and of the season.  He’s becoming battle-tested with every pass, steal, rebound and shot he takes.

His father, now looking at it from a coaches standpoint as Tuesday’s practice wraps up, sees how Treyden can take he game further than it is now as the younger Harris wraps up his junior season with one more to go after this one.

“It’s going to be one of those things, over the summer he’s going to have to build and get a little bit stronger and come in as a leader,” said Harris. “Like continue doing what he’s doing now and have the younger guys that are coming into the program next year slowly but gradually get to where he is at so we all can be at the same level of that high-intensity basketball.”

And though his junior season isn’t over yet, Treyden’s leadership is slowly developing and can only improve upon as his game is as prepares for what the future holds ahead for him.

“It just keeps going, I’m going to try to be a leader again and as much as I can be,” said Harris.


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