The Night Before Senior Night For Gervais Boys And Girls

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–  The Gervais Boys are in an unique situation, win-out and they have a chance to make the PacWest Conference League Playoffs and their first big win comes against Colton Tuesday at home in their final home game.

For Noel Vasquez, Nicola Zarhkoff and Brett Gieselmen Tuesday’s game will mark the final guaranteed home game for them as Cougar members.

“It kinda sucks, not playing basketball anymore it’s going to be hard,” said Zarhkoff.  “I only played for three years, I didn’t play last year but it still going to be hard though because I’m not going to see this court again.”

“Not been around the same group of guys everyday, it’s going to feel weird,” adds Vasquez.  “We’ve been playing on this court for four years for the last time for a home game, it’s going to be difficult.”

Noel Vasquez taking off from the line during a drill during Monday’s practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Memories in the uniform will be there, the travels, the games and the team-bonding will be there and for Gieselman, he’ll remember that one time Gervais scored 97 points against Chemawa for the sixth-highest score ever in Cougars boys basketball history.

“Scoring 97 points against Chemawa, I don’t know I feel like that’s fun to watch because all of my four-years here we’ve never scored even close to 97,” said Gieselman. “So that’s probably my favorite memory.”

On the girls side, Karina Ramos remembers that Scio game at Sprague High School on February 18, 2017 that sent them to the Field of 16 for the first-time since the 2012-2013 season.

“It was a good feeling, it was very intense.  It’s something I would never forget.  The first time in years to get to State,” said Ramos on the experience.

Kyle Buse (Black Sweatshirt) talking to his team before going in for film (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Like Ramos, Daisy Correa too holds that memory close to her as the two joins Natali Herinckx, Nancy Guillen and Alyssa Ventura as the Lady Cats who will be honored Tuesday night against the Lady Vikings.

And as they went into film session, like everyone in both programs, it’s going to be a bittersweet moment as they prepare for the League Playoffs beyond this week.

“I’m going to miss my girls, I’m going to miss all of them,” starts Correa.  “We still got time you know?  But I think them calling it Senior Night is like the hurrah and stuff I think, so I think it makes it sad.

“I think we’re all going to be good, I’m going to miss all of them when it’s all over,” laughed Correa.

Gervais girls play at 7:30pm but the Cougar Men start at 6pm Tuesday night at Gervais high School.



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