Leaving Her Mark Off The Court As Well

By Jeremy McDonald


TURNER, Ore.– Everyone knows Halle Wright is a stud on the court, but off the court Wright is also a stud as well.

During some down time when Wright isn’t busy with school and sporting obligations the senior guard gives back to the community of Turner by hosting a kids camp called the ‘Future Cougars Camp’ and recently has picked up the art of coaching.

For Wright, it’s all in the name of living up to the standard set before her like from her older sister Jossalynn.

“You know, growing up in the Cascade community I just always looked up to the High School players, especially the girls,” said Wright.  “So they always gave me a positive impact.  They always gave me something to look forward to growing up you know coming through the Cascade community.  So, I figure that just continue that tradition that (Head Coach Mark) Stevens told me and pass it on down to the lower levels.”

During her freshman year, while trying to help pay for her AAU basketball, Wright came up with a Kyle Singler-isc idea of hosting a camp in which she’ll helps kids learn the basics of basketball while having some three-on-three scrimmaging.

“I love doing camps, espically with the little ones because we do skill development but we also have to keep it fun for them so we do a series of games,” “We do a couple of three-on-three tournaments where I get involved and my family get’s involved.  It just teaches how to keep the kids fun and keep them doing something throughout and keep them active.”

Halle Wright (center) and a few of the kids at her camp.  This past session had an equal amount of boys and girls (Photo Provided By Candis Blanton-Wright)

Mom Candis, Sister Jossalyn and brother Orion all help out with the camp and the camp will continue after Halle goes off to college this next year as well.

Also, Halle added coaching to her ever-evolving resume, something that she started as a junior last year.  Something that she still is getting used to as she enters her second year.

“It’s definitely weird to coach, there are some times I catch myself you know getting involved with the game,” said Wright.  “I just kind of get worked up in the game because I’m so competitive, but it’s really fun to just coach and pass on my knowledge.  It’s pretty fun, I don’t know I love doing it.  I love seeing how competitive they are, I love seeing their smiles, I love seeing them get after it.”

Wright (far left) coaching in game with her 3/4th grade combined team (Photo Provided By Candis Blanton-Wright)

The student of the game and the passion for it has set Wright a part from a lot of girls her age already as she is about the halfway point of her senior season.

One thing is for certain though, she’s leaving her mark through her friendliness and her heart on-and-off the court as so many athletes before her have as she looks now to leave her message to the masses around the Cascade Community.

“The message I hope to leave behind is to have fun, enjoy the game and take advantage of it because you can only have it for a certain amount of years and you never know when it’s going to be gone,” said Wright. “Just enjoy it with your friends, enjoy it with your family.  Pass it on with your family.  Just keep it alive.”



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