Cascade Drops First 90-Burger Since 2013

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  When it clicks, it clicks.

When the game started against Yamhill-Carlton however, it looked as if Cascade was going to start league off on the wrong foot falling behind 9-2 to the Tigers in the opening minutes of both team’s Oregon West Conference league opener Wednesday evening.

“We came out slow, we thoguht we were going to beat them,” described Treyden Harris on the start of the game. “We came out like…we came out super slow.”

But, whatever it might have been.  Looking up on the scoreboard seeing the score, have Head Coach Steve Ball saying a few words to them, whatever it must have been…it worked.

By quarters end, that seven-point deficit was now a 15 point, 30-15 lead thanks to a 28-6 run.

Twelve of those 30 points belonged to Ryan Le Day as the offense started to role thanks to him and Casey Molan.

“We just knew we wanted to start off with a lot of energy, so that’s what it came down to,” said Le Day who finished with those 12 points.  “We wanted to focus on getting deflections on defense, we want a lot of energy to start off on defense especially and start out and get out on transition.”

Damian Ball (42) looking to go up and score as the senior post scored 11 points in the win (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Harris picked up where Le Day left off, scoring 13 points in the second quarter as the Cougar lead ballonned to 50-30,

That 50-burger expanded to a 70-burger by the end of the third quarter as they lead 73-37.  That 73, almost matched the 74 they scored against Molalla on Friday night.

But they surpassed that and then some during the fourth as they hit 81 points by the halfway point of the fourth quarter.

“We just started to move the ball faster, we started to get people open shots and then we knocked them down,” said Harris who scored 11 more points in the third and finished with 27 points Wednesday night.

They topped out at 91 points, that 90-burger threshold.  The first time that a Cascade team hit 90 points since their 90-86 win over Klamath Union on December 27, 2013.

“It feels good to be honest, we should score more than 90 the next game,” said Harris.

Big words entering their rivalry game at Stayton Friday afternoon at 5:30pm, but with them showcasing the firepower they’ve had the last two games and mix that with the rivalry game atmosphere, anything is possible.

For the Cougars, it comes down to energy again.

“Just really the energy again, just playing our upbeat game getting deflections and getting out in transition,” said Le Day. “It’s a lot easier to score when you got numbers at the end of the floor, that’s what we really want to focus on is creating offense from our defense.”


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