Hanowell’s Debut For South, Facing The Younger Barnes Bro.

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  This time last year as a freshman South Salem’s Greyson Hanowell was competing for the private school-Salem Academy on their swim team, helping the Crusaders’ success in the pool.

A year later, having left the private school and now attending South Salem High School, the swimmer traded in the trunks for a singlet as the sophomore made his Varsity debut against McMinnvile Thursday night at 170 pounds.

“Swimming, obviously there’s no contact until your in the water and giving teammates high-fives, but here it’s all hands-on-deck and you’re just…it’s more personal because your up-against somebody who’s putting their will on you to get you pinned and be better than you so it’s a lot more personal and a lot more competitive I think,” said Hanowell on the differences between swimming and wrestling.

As the Greater Valley Conference-duel meet wrastle on, eventually Hanowell got his opportunity against Stevie Ryan of McMinnville who finished third at the District Meet last season for the Grizzlies.

Hanowell competed well to start in his first Varsity nod, but Ryan sealed the pin before the first-round ended

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up wrestling a kid who had some pretty good experience and just trying not get pinned,” said Hanowell. “And I fade pretty easily because I’m a baseball player, I just go 90 feet and stop.  But I try to put up a fight, but you fall short sometimes.

“Just try to find the fire in you, kind of find a little rage you know, get the little ounce of energy and that’s what I got to do.  I got to pay attention to when I get a look and take more shots, I tend not to take too many shots.  So when I see a opportunity, I got to seize it.”

The Saxons found themselves in a few hard-fought matches though the results did not go their way.   Jordan Johnson third period rally fell short in a 5-3 match. Joesph Wozniak lost a 16-4 decision, Julian Ortiz had a nifty takedown to take a brief 3-2 lead before falling by pin as Ashton Adams took to the mat for the next-to-last match of the McMinnville-South Salem duel match.

Adams took a 3-2 lead entering the third period against a Brian Barnes younger brother in Jacob leading into the referee position for the last round.

“I found my composure after the first (period) there at the beginning, I figured out he wasn’t stronger than me,” said Adams.  “We were equal in strength, he just maintained his health better.  He was never got fatigued, he did a really good job with that.

“During that comeback, I started to use more strength than he realized I think and that’s why I got up a little bit.”

But, wheither Adams got too comfortable versus the younger Barnes or what, Barnes showcased the last name talent as Barnes rallied back for the 5-3 win as the 106’ers came out to finish up the duel.

Though a loss was the result, what came out of it was more of a awakening for Adams to re-ingite the fire as South dropped the match, picking up just a forfeit in the match.

“I don’t know if it’s a learning experience as much as for me a re-awakening.  Last year I wrestled his brother Brian Barnes, I went out there kind of cocky and Brian Barnes put me into my place.  This year, almost the same thing happened.  There two really good wrestlers, I shouldn’t have let my guard down,” said Adams.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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