Tillamook Pulls Away From Scio In Second Half

By Jeremy McDonald


STAYTON, Ore.–  The first quarter of their game versus Tillamook was a tone-setter for Scio Lady Loggers as they scored 11 first quarter points versus the Cheesemakers and held a lead into the third quarter.

“The first quarter went pretty well I felt like and that’s been our MO the whole season, we’ve played good at times and just kind of go-back and play by ourselves.  So first quarter we played really well,” said Head Coach Jim White on how the team did to start the game after Wednesday night’s loss to Stayton.

But, as White eluded to, hiccups occured with the young team still learning to play in the rocky deep-end of the pool that Varsity basketball as Tillamook charged back to take a six-point lead as White voiced his displeasure with how his team finished the quarter during the quarter break.

What was to follow was a hard-fought start to the quarter.

Bailey Davis scored to start the quarter before being taken out of the game moments later because of an ankle injury, but Katelyn Gray and McKenzie Reger stepped up through their fatigue as Reger nailed a Steph Curry-isc three from the top of the key to cut the game to a one-point deficit for Scio to start the fourth quarter.

Katelyn Gray (right) dribbling during Thursday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

On that play though, Gray was called for a controversial off-ball foul that knocked the senior post out of the contest on fouls, taking some of the physicality out from the trenches.

“That’s what we worked on, they’re figuring things out espically with our young kids,” “Katelyn fouls out and one of our freshman go out, we’re pretty young on the floor which is good for me to watch what they’ve learned since the first of the year so far.

“They’re taking what I’m saying and what my coaches are saying and correcting the little things and that’s what helped us espically when Katelyn went out a little bit, I told them just to battled and see what happens.  Let’s just play basketball with them.”

And that’s what they did, they battled and kept trying to keep up with the shooters that Tillamook had, but the Cheesemakers would push the one-point, 38-37 lead to a 51-39 win thanks to a 13-2 run to ice the win.

With Woodburn (1-7) Friday morning at 9am to close out the SCTC Holiday Tournament, White talked about them working on the little things like boxing out, rebounding and limiting turnovers and the game against the Bulldogs can serve to help that and to build some momentum entering PacWest Conference play and Gervais on Wednesday.

“I said, ‘let’s end the year off on a good note.  Win or lose, let’s play the best that we can and work on the small things to get us better and let’s go into the Gervais game next week and see what happens’,” said White.  “Gervais is a good team and we can beat them, we just got to play our best game of the year every week that we play when we play people.”

Gray led the team with 12pts, Reger added another 11. Kaitlyn Schumacher, Megan Mikolas had 4 each.  Valerie Clouse, Lex Franklin, Bailey Davis had 2 each. Kirsty and Kelsey Pollard had a pt each vs Tillamook Saturday afternoon

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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