Stayton Pulls Away From Scio Boys In 2nd Half

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  For much of the first-half, the Stayton-Scio Road rivarly looked like it could be as memorable as the Blanchet Catholic-Valley Catholic game was earlier in the day.

Meaning that, the Loggers held the Two Towers of Kaleb Anundi and Riley Nichol in check and made the Eagle guards find ways to score for them in other ways than dunks or pop-back three’s.

“Our three-points were falling, we were confident and we were able to stop at the rim more than the second half, they got so many open shots at the rim,” said Garrett Harrsion.  “We stopped them in the beginning, but then they got the momentum in the second half.”

Scio made four three-pointers, two from Harrison and two from Lance Grossman as the Logger defense held Anundi to eight points and Nichol to 11 in the opening half.

But, momentum started to chance in favor of the big man as Nichol scored seven more points and Anundi went off for another 12 points as the Eagles pulled away for the 64-33 win Wednesday night.

“Well when we realize we had the size advantage and just feeding it to us, that’s pretty much it.  Just the mindset that we can,” said Nichol on the difference as they play Northwest from Washington Thursday evening.  “Just go in there with the mindset, we got to come out with the killer instinct and just having the confidence knowing that you can do it.”

For Scio, it’s off for a 1:30 tipoff versus the Eagle JV squad.  The Stayton JV squad was a quick fill-in for the tournament when the La Grande team couldn’t come over due to weather along the Columbia Gourge according to reports.

“I think we can use this as fuel, if we can keep up with their varsity team, we can beat their JV team,” said Harrison who finished with 12 points in the loss.  “So we got to be confident and just go through the plays and make sure we do everything right.”

Grossman finished too, along with Harrison, with a team-high in points at 12 apiece.   Hunter Gray had 7, a point behind Stayton’s Jerry Daniels 8 point evening in the SCTC Holiday Tournament opener for both teams.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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