Stayton Girls Win Over Young Scio

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  For the first nine-or-so points, it was the Stayton Eagles versus McKenzie Reger of Scio.

The senior Lady Loggers guard scored the first four points for a Scio squad that has four freshman and three sophomores to four upperclassmen as Reger finished with six points Wednesday night versus the Lady Eagles.

At this point, it was 5-4 Stayton and it looked as if the physicality of Reger will set the tone for the young Logger team until the second quarter when physical senior post Katelyn Gray came off the bench.

By that point however, as Gray cooled off Alexa Bender and Marri Martinez to four points in the second quarter combined, it was already 23-5 entering the second quarter.

Bender had 11 first quarter points, 21 total to lead the way for the Lady Eagles as they extended the lead to 32-8 by the halftime break as Stayton Head Coach Darren Shryock went to his bench a bit for the remainder for the game.

“It was nice because we had a really long break so it was good for us to get back to it and use the time off to better ourselves and not put us backwards,” said Alyssa Smart, who had three points off the bench in the 59-18 win Wednesday.  “And we just got to keep up with the good work for the next game.”


Alexus Franklin dribbling up court during Wednesday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For Alexus Franklin, one of the up-and-coming stars for the Scio program as a freshman and a starter for the Lady Loggers, spoke to the frustrations of the game as they prepare for Tillamook Friday at noon at Stayton High School.

Franklin talked about how the frustration of the game affected her as the freshman showed some passion when she got to the bench during the second half of the game.

“You can say as in you can’t really control anything, it’s feels like your getting out-of-control yourself and so I feel like I can’t help the team and myself at the same time and so I feel like I’m not good enough to be out there so I took myself out of the game,” said Franklin, who scored two points in the game and contributed well against the athletic Eagle team, an early test for her in her young prep career.

But through the frustration as her and many of her teammates are feeling, Franklin spoke like a true upperclassmen in seeing how her team can improve for the Cheesemakers in the second day of the SCTC Holiday Tournament.

“Probably talk more on defensive and play as a team more and to run our offense because we get so flustered that we just give up in the middle of it and so we should do what we do in practice and use our left hands,” described Franklin.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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