Freshman Shine In Win Versus Westside Christian

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Early games are pretty tough, espically when the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet.

Early on in the 10:30am game versus Westside Christian, Gervais and the Eagles were neck-and-neck with one another early on in the second quarter with the scored tied at eight apiece.

Buse put four freshman out on the court to start the second quarter in Araceli Vasquez, Mary Davidson,  Katie Hanson and Lilly Welburn were the freshman and junior Alexis Luna was the lone non-frosh on the court to start the quarter.

During the four minutes or so that the freshman were on the court, that 8-all tie turned into a 17-8 lead in favor of the Lady Cats as Alyssa Ventura, Karina Ramos, Daisy Correa and Natali Herinckx came onto the court for the freshman.

For those four freshman, it was just business as usual as they handed-off the baton to their teammates.

“Walking into that situation it was like any of our other games,” said Davidson who had a team-high 18 points. “Like me and everyone else out there are just so excited to go out there and play.  We’re always talking on the sidelines, it’s like ‘come on guys’.

“We’re not worried about the score, we’re just worried about going out there and kicking butt.”


That run helped spark Gervais to pull away from Westside Christian in the 50-27 vicitory to win their fifth-in-a-row and improve to 7-2 on the season as they’ll open Day 2 of the tournament at 9am at Salem Academy’s Main Gym.

“If we’re all just come ready and ready to play, I think we can go out there and we’ll be great,” said Davidson.  “I think we’re definitely excited to play, we’re ready during warm-ups and we’re like game-ready and it definitely helped us today.”

The four freshman combined for 31 points with Vasquez having six, Welburn added four more.  Hanson had three.  Ramos and Correa both had four points, Herinckx added two and Luna had one from the non-freshman aspect.

Boys Basketball:  Catlin Gable over Gervais.  Cougars play Portland Christian at 10:30am in Salem Academy’s Main Gym

Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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