Seitz, Mak, Maurer eyeing State For Eagles

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– As they hit the KROC Center Pool Tuesday afternoon, several Stayton Eagles are eyeing for another trip to State this season.

Eric Seitz, who finished fifth in the 100-yard breaststroke as a sophomore, is retooling his goals for his season and serves as a leader on the team this season.

“In my first hundred breast which was my last meet, I got below my time at the State (Meet) last year, so I look to do really good this year,” said Seitz.  “I’m just trying to help my team learn the form and try to help them do the little things that will help them do better in the races.”

Seitz finished second in the 100-yard freestyle heat race he was in, one of four races he raced in Tuesday, with a time of 54.85, 0.87 off the heat winner from Salem Academy in Wilson McLean (53.98).

Megan Mak, who’s sister Sadie went to State as a senior last season in the 50-yard freestyle, 100-yard freestyle, 400-yard freestyle relay , explains how the experience racing alongside sister Sadie and the others in the 400-yard freestyle relay as she hopes to race in a few individual races as well similarly like what her sister did last season.

“Going to State was so much fun and inspiring so I really hope that kind of makes me want to swim faster this year and try to make it,” said Mak with a laugh.

Mak was second in the lone heat of the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:12.97, finishing second to Salem Academy’s Trinity Pierce who won the race at 1:06.64, a PR for the junior as she helped the 400-yard freestyle relay team to a heat win with a strong second 100-yard leg of the race.

“I did good because I PR’d from my last meet that I just went too, but it was definitely hard but I improved, so that’s good,” smiled Mak.

Stayton’s Zachary Halloway in the 100 yard Backstroke in Tuesday’s Salem Academy Invitational (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



Then Sydney Maurer, one of few Stayton softball players who are on the swim team this season and has been swimming for a few years now, cruised to a 500-yard freestyle win with an incredible 5:57.01 time.

The nearest competitor was Salem Academy’s Sarah Kenyon who finished with a 6:20.43 time as Maurer finishes under six minutes for just the second-time as she’s on

“It’s definitely been hard in getting back into the groove, getting back into everything I’ve been to not where I’ve been wanting to,.  I’m just happy I broke my six-minutes today because I have only broken it once so far and that was my second-time so I’m happy, it’s progress,” starts the sophomore.

The time would be 12th in last season’s State race as Maurer continues to improve from Tuesday.

“Just keep working hard, just keep going as hard as I can at meets and soon it’ll pay off,” said Maurer.

Some other big names in the pool this year include senior Chris Linton, Josh Ptacek on the guys side and Hannah Mitzel and Kylie Mannix on the girls side.



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