Amity Wins Tourney, Improves To 7-0 On Season

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.–Amity has pushed their winning streak to Lucky Number Seven Saturday night versus Umatilla.

The Vikings however, were too undefeated entering the contest at 6-0 and coming off a 83-51 victory over Gervais on Friday and the contest was expected to be one of the early-season gems.
“They’re undefeated for a reason, they ran the ball, they pushed really, really hard up the court and it was something kind of new for us.  A team that really pushed the court like they did,” said Jaycen Nelson on Umatilla’s style of play. “They transitioned the whole time, it just really shows that we need to do a little more conditioning at practice and that’s for sure.”
Yeah, there were moments where it seemed as if they were a tad sluggish, but for much of the game, the Warriors held control of momentum and not letting Umatilla get too out-of-control with their scoring with great defense and using their height advantage to just that…their advantage in the 66-52 victory to win their own tournament.
“It’s a really good win for our team, it really shows what we’re able to do and how dominate we really can be over a team that can be good,” said Kodiak Yaeger as the team knows what is on the horizon on Tuesday before their week-or-so off break to heal up.
For seniors like a Yaeger, Sam White, Zac Blake, Nelson, etc.  this Amity Warrior Classic tournament was the last Warrior Classic they’ll participant in, and bringing home the trophy is something extraordinary.
“It does mean a lot because it is our home tournament and we put it on every year, it’s a great fundraising for us and it’s a good chance for us as a team to come together, work with the community,” “We all, the players and the girls team too, we set this whole thing up and it’s really kind of cool to have all these people come out here and support us.
“It’s kind of a community thing honestly, it’s really, really special.”
And as they have a few days to rest up, they’ll be faced with another undefeated team Tuesday in Coquille.
The Red Devils are 8-0 following the Les Schwab South Coast Holiday Tournament this past weekend in Coos Bay and only had two games in which they’ve won by five points or less.
For Yaeger, there’s some excitement to facing a challenge like that come tip off at 6pm at Coquille High School.
“Intensity, that’s pretty much it, we got to be more intense than they are.  They’re just as good of a team as we are, but it’s whoever wants to win,” said Yaeger.  “We just got to play as hard as we can, we got to be consistent and just take it to Coquille because they’re going to be really good, no doubt that’s going to be a good game.”
Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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