Gervais Ends Game On Fire

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.–  With bus problems that only left one subsituite on their bench Umatllia found a way to keep pace with Gervais during the first half of the game to lead 16-15 by halftime and 20-19 early in the third thanks to a slow start by the Lady Cats.

But, as Daisy Correa lay-in the go-ahead basket to make it 21-20 Gervais, something just ‘clicked’ for them as everything just fell into place for the Cougars in the second half.

“I think it was more of the switch of waking up,” said Buse.  “I mean a three o’clock game is usually a game we play and I think that was rough for us and we came out in the second half and we had to start with our defense defense.

“And it did, it started to click, our defense got us going, we got the energy back.  We got the energy, the bench was great, they were talking the whole time.  So i think it was definitely a team-group effort of getting that so-called ‘switch’ flipped.”52

Natali Herinckx defensive effort continued into the second half, but it was also the emerence of freshman Araceli Vasquez and other freshman like her, Katie Hanson and Mary Davidson that stepped up big alongside their seniors to finish the game on a 30-6 run and outscored the Lady Vikings 34-10 in the second half in the 49-26 victory Friday afternoon in Amity.

“We were very dead, I don’t know hy we were very dead in the first half but then after that, I don’t know, it was just coach’s talk just woke us up or because it was halftime,” said Nancy Guillen. “But I think we all just figured it out and we were all just tried waking up at the same time and it helped us too.

“As a team it helped us put it together.”

The freshman Vasquez had 17 points in the game, a team-high, Davidson had five and Hanson had six points to lead the way for the freshman wave of Gervais ballers.  Bella Vasquez added four points, Correa had three and Herinckx added another two to lead the way for the older wave of Lady Cats ballers in the win.

But if anything as Gervais goes into Saturday’s game 4-2 on the season, it gives them momentum for host-Amity (4-2) who’s coming off of a 55-29 win over Scio Friday night to open the tournament.

“After today, we should come out like how we ended today,” said Guillen.  “So I think we should start off how we ended.”

“I think one, our girls will be rested tomorrow and spend most of the day off and then we’ll go on the bus come over here and be a little more refreshed and ready to go,” added Buse. “But I think our preparation will be better because of rest.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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