Santiam 8th-Girls Basketball Finishes Season Undefeated

By Jeremy McDonald

MILL CITY, Ore.–  The team who have been playing with one another since the first-, second-grade got it done Monday night at home:

The Undefeated Season.

With the closest games coming against Scio Middle School, Santiam Middle School’s high-octane offense and defense similar to that of what even Scio Middle runs that has set these girls up to succeed when they enter David Plott’s program next Winter.

“You can finally see the progression they are making and the little steps they’ve taken in the game, they’ve been unbelievable,” smiled Santiam Middle School Girls Coach and Santiam High School Athletic Director Clint Forste. “They’re all great students, all great girls we’ve been around.  I think we’ve been working with them since second-grade.  I don’t even know what to say, it’s freaking awesome.

“It’s great.  To see where they were in third or fourth grade and seeing where they are now, I mean just some of the ball movement, they’re looking ahead, the defense they are playing, the fundamentals.  I don’t know how many left-handed lay-ups we’ve made today and the little things like that, that they can take to the next level to the High School level will help them get what we want of them at the High School level from them.”

Jenessa Leon (with ball)  stealing the ball as the Santiam Middle School Girls defense flexed it’s muscle Monday to complete the undefeated season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



In their season and home finale, they held a Jefferson squad to single-digits offensively with their stranglehold defense, these girls wanted the perfect season badly as they saw the clock ticked to zero.

And as the bench counted down from ten, the look of the girls faces knowing they’ve accomplished something that no one will ever take away from them as the team came together to celebrate the win as the High School basketball team were preparing to take their spots on the court for practice.

Being undefeated.  Being perfect.  Having fun with your friends that you’ve battled with for years with one last time before making the move to the High School level and doing it all over again as freshman is pretty special.

“It’s pretty cool, at the beginning I was like ok, but now thanks to my coaches, they’ve been helping me out.  We’ve been together since first-grade so we know each other,” said Jenessa Leon as the eighth-grader makes the move up to High School basketball next season.  “I’m really excited for High School to see how our ‘Dream Team’ is going to be once we get older.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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