Cascade Girls Fall To 2-2 On Year

By Jeremy McDonald

BANKS, Ore.–It was a big challenge for sure walking into the Banks game without Emma Woods or Halle Wright in the lineup, but they’ve done it all season long up to this point.

But Cascade found themselves facing more adversity that they struggled with turnovers, fouls and trying to find the bottom of the net against the Braves with the eight girls they’ve had for Tuesday’s game despite a solid defensive game starting with Kristin Cade, Kelsey Molan and Lexi Loukojarvi.
“I felt like we weren’t focused when we got here and we just didn’t come ready to play,” described Molan on the game. “It didn’t help when they got the lead and we just couldn’t comeback.”
With Woods coming back for their next game during their Hawaii trip where they’ll play probably the hardest team on their schedule this season during that tournament along with some very physical teams as well; something that plays into their favor said Molan.
“I think it’ll be better for us because they’re suppose to be more physical over there and let more calls go and we got a lot of physical girls.  “It’ll help us play stronger,” she said.
Cade also adds that the experience over there playing in the tournament will also help them bond together as a team before they come back to play in their own, hosted tournament starting on December 27.
“It’ll be really good for us to get that bonding time together and they’re pretty physically there, so it’ll test a lot of us,”  “We’ll have some players coming back like Emma, that’ll help a lot.  There pretty tough down there so that’ll help.”


Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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