Rubio, Hyatt, Nguyen Lead Way For Scots 3rd Place Finish at Herrin Holiday Classic

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– A few days after his loss during the league dual meet versus Sprague, David Rubio was dominate in his third Herrin Holiday Classic at McKay High School.

He technical fall his first two opponents (23-8 and 21-6) en route to the final round versus Bailey Sparks of Centennial.

Even then the junior didn’t run into any hiccups as he pins Sparks by the 2:53 mark of the match for the 170-pound trophy Saturday afternoon.

“As for dominate, I just wanted to score a lot of points, score, score score and have as much mat-time for these big matches coming up for me,” said Rubio on using Saturday as preparation for the third week of the season.

After his match, Rubio was in the stands, watching his match on his phone, seeing where he can improve upon coming back to practice Monday afternoon.

“When I watch my match, I watch the whole thing.  I don’t watch highlights and stuff,” “I watch what I could have done better and how I could’ve scored quickly, more quick and not just the highlights.  I focus on the flaws and trying to perfect those flaws.”

One thing Rubio pointed out is not letting his opponent get to his legs, shoot more and re-shoot after the inital shot.

As for winning it though, as he said he won it for Herrin but knows how cool it is to win it in front of the home crowd and perhaps it could be things to come as McKay host the GVC District Tournament in February.

“It’s good because it’s a home tournament and you feel good because your teammates are right there watching you win this tournament and it’s ours you know?” said Rubio.

Aden Hyatt putting in his moth piece during Saturday’s tournament (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Aden Hyatt found himself in a not-so-favorable hole versus Franklin’s Ian Dayanan in the consolation semi-final round with Dayanan having the freshman on his back looking for the finishing pin if not a closing in on a tech-fall with a near-fall.

Having getting a taste of Varsity wrestling, Hyatt worked his way through the consolation bracket to this point and the scrappy 152 pounder found a way to slip out of Dayanan’s grip to pin the sophomore to advance to the Consolation finals, against a familiar foe in the Eagles Riley Salazar.

Hyatt, who said after the tournament that he’ll need to work on his conditioning and physique to help better himself moving forward and points to him needing to move faster in a match.

“I need to end up going faster in a match because you get more fatigued when you take a match slower because your always watching him and trying to block him,” said Hyatt.  “High School wrestling is a lot more than Middle School because in Middle School you can be defensive all you want, it didn’t matter.

“But in High School, everyone is always somewhat more aggressive.  So if you got aggressive, you’ll get worn out quickly.”

Hyatt battling out of thehold that Dayanan put on him (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Against Salazar, Hyatt battled hard versus the sophomore and turned the two points he nabbed against Salazar in their first meeting to six in their second meeting, but the Centennial grappler slipped by for a 12-6 victory in the third-place bout.

“It was pretty hard, coming up and then losing to Salazar and having to go back at the end of the tournament just to wrestle him again, it’s really like physically, emotionally exhausting from what it’ll normally be,” described Hyatt following the 12-6 decision.

“It’s pretty cool being the…I’m the only freshman so far…I’m the highest ranked, I lasted the longest as a freshman, me and Adan Benavides.”

Benavides finished sixth at 182 behind teammate Jayency Exetok in a battle for fifth-place.

Jonathan Mentado looking on as the junior finished fifth in the 220 bracket.

The Scots saw 10 athlete’s place in total:  Enrique Montoya finished third (138), joining Hyatt in finishing fourth was Andy Nguyen (220) as Bryant Mendoza (120), Mickey Duff (145), Joseph Jones (152) Jonathan Mentado (220) and Anthony Alvarez (285) all finished fifth for McKay.

Nguyen, who was pinned in his 220 third place match after reaching the Championship Semi-Final round, too looks as this tournament as a learning experience moving forward.

“Well, sometimes your the hammer, sometimes your the nail.  It’s ok to get beaten up, it’s ok to beat up people,” said Nguyen.  “It’s very nice, because last year I didn’t get into a placing spot.  Now, it’s just working hard and getting spots that I will get one day.”

McKay finished third in the tournament with 189.5 team points.  Centennial took the tournament with 335 points and Beaverton was second with 242 total team points.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald




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