Reflecting On The Past

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–As they watched from the stands before their game, supporting their guys basketball team, the Lady Vikings Basketball team sat 2-1 on the season and a long ways from the 2015 0-24 season.

That season, North Salem averaged 14.6 points a game while allowing 62 points a game defensively with their closest games coming by way of the team they were facing Friday night in McKay (29-18 and 32-12 losses that year).

On that team that year was Janel Urbina, then a sophomore and a Honorable Mention player for the Lady Viks that faithful season.  With the team dropping to JV-Only her junior season, Urbina stuck around for her team and by her senior season, they were back to where she and a few other seniors were as sophomores:


Dana Romeroa (13) dribbling up court during Friday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The progression showed three-games in, they’re now competing in games and averaging 47.33 a game offensively and averaging 37 points a game defensively around a core group of girls like Emma Haburn, Aaliyah Fitzke, Dana Romero, etc.

“I think the progression, the progress we made…we came a really long way,” saod Urbina.  “Espically with the junior class, I’m really proud of them.  I think it’s mostly them having impacted and they really did need that year last year, that really helped us out with confidence and skills and learning how to play basketball and it helped us be more committed to the team.

“I think our progress is going to show in this game.  I mean we’ve been learning our plays and everything, it’s just a matter of executing them and going forward.”

The junior class were freshman the last-time North Salem suited up as a Varsity squad.



And as they tipped off against the Scots, it certainly wasn’t like the last time the two-played on February 5, 2015 at the Varsity level.  They out-worked, out hustle McKay and it showed with two quick baskets in the 51-39 win for their first GVC-win since February 6, 2014.

Though there were some excitement in the win, there’s still work to be done as they prepare for McNary Tuesday on the road.

Urbina, who’s still on the mend from an injury suffered a few months ago and said before the game about the wins, it’s great to get them, but it’s just apart of the game.

“I feel like we didn’t make that much of a big deal which is a good thing and a bad thing.  I definitely think if we glorify it too much and if we lose, we’ll be low.  I like the humbleness we’re showing when we win now,” said Urbina.  “So yeah, that’s what I think about it.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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