Salem Academy Finishes Opening Weekend 3-0

By Jeremy McDonald

SUTHERLIN, Ore.–  Their legs were heavy from the last two days at Sutherlin High School.  It’s almost like Coos Bay came early for the Salem Academy Girls Basketball team as they laced up for their third game against the Lady Bulldogs in the Bill Spelgatti Memorial Tournament.

Though it wasn’t a ‘Tournament’, it surely had that tournament feel and the early season bumps and bruises for the teams involved showed by Day 3 as the Lady Crusaders led Sutherlin 15-9 at halftime.

During the weekend, the squad was getting used to running new plays that they learned in practice leading up to this tournament, and after wins of 75-25 over St. Mary’s and 42-16 over Stayton, Salem Academy’s getting more accustom to their new plays that Head Coach Ben Brown is asking them to run.

For Aimee Smith, who had was filling up the stat sheet in helping her team pull off the 35-10 win Saturday night with seven points, three rebound three steals and two blocks, it was a chance for her in what they are trying to run this season.

“We’re adjusting really well especially since last year I was more of point guard-minded and this year I’m more of the three (Small Forward),” said Smith.  “It’s definitely going to be a change, but I’m super happy with it and everyone’s really adjusting well.

“We have some people playing post that have never really played post, but they’re doing really well and all-in-all we’re going really well this season.”



With the half-cornrolls going on in the game, part of a tradition said Smith, the Crusaders are off to host Amity Tuesday at 6pm knowing there’s somethings they need to work on between now and then.

“Obviously we got a lot to work on since we have a whole lot of new plays and everything,” “I think we’re doing a really good job defensive-wise, we’re really hustling and changing up this year.  We’re going more speed and we’re all rebounding and playing well together.”

Salem Academy had 38 total rebounds, 24 on defense and 14 on offense with Grace Brown nabbing nine total rebounds in the contest.  The Crusaders also picked up 10 steals in the win, Smith and Chloe Campbell both had three apiece.  Not to mention five blocks from four different Salem Academy girls.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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