Second Quarter Throws South’s Game Off In Tigard

By Jeremy McDonald

TIGARD, Ore.–Tyler Wadleigh and Ryan Brown were cruical in the first quarter for South Salem against the Skyhawks of Southridge to open up the Cody Hardin Invitational at Tigard High School.
Wadleigh’s ten first quarter points led a Saxon offense to 26 first quarter points while Brown’s athleticism on defense helped keep the ‘Hawks height and offense off the board entering the second quarter with 19 total points.
Southridge slowly chipped away and showed thr strength of the Metro League to take a 30-29 lead and went toe-to-toe with South until taking off for a 50-39 lead entering halftime.
Fouls against the Saxons and the Skyhawks athleticismand height hurt South during the second eight minutes pf the contest as the experience served as a learning experience for Saturday.
“All of us were moving around, we were all running down the court fast and we were starting to move the ball more,” Brown said of the first quarter going into the second.  “And then in the second quarter when Skinny and Tyler got into foul trouble we started to give up a little bit and started to look at people like, ‘who’s going to be the guy?’
“We definitely know that not to give up anymore.  We should’ve beat that team, they were scared of us even though they were all six-seven, six-eight, six-ten, they were all scared of us…they couldn’t guard us.  They told our coach that they’re lucky that we got down on ourselves because they wouldn’t been able to guard us.”
Tyler Wadliegh (0) before the start of the game as South jumped out on Southridge 26-19 entering the second quarter (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Brown points to their speed and athleticism that got Southridge on their toes in the opening quarter and again in the third as they went toe-to-toe with the Skyhawks but couldn’t get closer than 15 points entering the fourth as fouls once again became a factor against South Salem in the fourth with Wadleigh fouling out a few minutes into the fourth and turnovers allowing Southridge to extend their lead into the 20s mid-quarter for the 82-63 win.
As they wait for their opponent for at 2pm at Tigard High School, Friday’s game served as a reminder that though they want to win every game as Jaden “Skinny” Nielsen-Skinner said, there’s also learning lessons from it.
“I think we just got to move better on offense, I think we did a pretty good job defensively but offensively we’re kind of staginant and not moving the ball around,” said Nielsen-Skinner who led the Saxons with 22 points in the loss, Wadleigh had 14 total.  “Kind of playing too much Iso-Ball and that kind of messed us up.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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