Beach, Tovar Combine For 52 Points In Scots Win

By Jeremy McDonald

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore.–The system has a funny way of working itself out when done right.

In the final 4:38 of the game, the system of McKay started to show itself when Khyler Beach put thr Scots up one at that time.

Beach was on a absolute tear Friday with 28 points that included five three-pointers in the first half alone and the humble senior knew it was all in part of helping his team as he added numerous other steals and rebounds in the game versus Lakeridge.

” A lot of it was momentum, just building momentum we didn’t let it go, and when you have momentum like that, it’s pretty easy to keep it going and keep score and keep the other team on their heels,” said Beach.  “And we wore them out with our speed.”

Right behind him in points was fellow senior Andre Tovar too spoke to how important it was for these seniors to lead like seniors are suppose to be.

“Since we’re seniors now we got higher responsibility for the younger guys, we got to lead by example and vocally also,” adds Tovar who had 24 points in the win who too was helping the team vocally as well.  “We don’t give up on no plays.  You don’t give up or else.

“We were down at one point, we didn’t give up, we kept fighting.  We’re up, we got up those shots and everything.  Khyler came through in clutch and Ryan Bangs.”

Ryan Bangs showing some frustrations on a call during the second half of the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The score soon was 79-72 thanks to the system’s defense and run-and-gun transition with shots from Damian Rios and Drioji Jorl for the lead with two to go.

With 1:55 Joel kept Mckay up six with a free throw as the scoreboard was 80-74 after the back-end of the double bonus.

Joel was fouled on the ensuring defensive rebound but couldn’t connect as the Pacers cut it to four with 90 seconds remaining and as they lined up for Andre Tovar’s free throw, Lakeridge’s was T’d up twice immediately as Tovar went 4-for-4 on the technical free throws to put them up 86-76 and taking over on offense before taking two more for six-total free throws in one play.

“When coach told me I’m shooting six, I was like, ‘oh crap, I’m so nervous’,” smiled Tovar.  “I was like, ‘Khyler you want to shoot’ but he called me, he trust me.  If coach that I can take the shots…once I made those first four, I’m like, ‘alright, let me finish them off and ice the game’, pop those last two down and just played defense.”

“We had complete confidence in him making shots,” said Beach.

Andre Tovar dribbling up the court as the senior scored 24 points in the 90-81 win over Lakeridge (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

And as they wrapped up the 90-81 win and into the locker room to celebrate that echoed down the hallway, Beach tried for a dunk that missed and knows that he’ll get a ear-full about it for the rest of the season.

“Eh a lot.  It doesn’t bother me,” smiled Beach.

“It was a air ball,” smiled and laughed Tovar as they walked down the hallway after exiting the locker room.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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