Scio Loggers Onto Semi’s!

By Jeremy McDonald

As they watched Old Glory being raised during the singing of the National Anthem, Scio knew that this was the last time they’ll play on Hosche Field this season.
Though they won’t be playing there next week and possibly the week after with the semi-finals and Finals are at neutral sites moving forward, they knew they aren’t done yet.
“It’s not bitter yet, I’m not done yet,” said Jacob Lowther on the feeling on playing there one last time this season, in the senior’s last ever. “You don’t get to play Friday Night game here, but I’m not done.  We still got a few more games to win.    I mean, one week at a time, we got to do it.”
As David Simmons kicked things off, both team’s got on the board before Dru “The Machine” Cook scored touchdowns two and three of the game to help put the Loggers up 22-7 entering halftime.

As the second half starts and they started on defense Jake Lowther yells to his defense before a first down play about heart to help refocused his squad.

Cook (8) scored all four of Scio’s TDs Friday night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
His team answered with a nice tackle in the backfield for second down.  Lowther tackle made it third down as Hunter Gray makes a leaping interception to give his offense the ball back.
“Our team really, they brought it together in the second half, we didn’t allow them anything ,” said Gray on the defense. “A few good plays, but our defense was really strong.”
They won the turnover battle as they got a fumble recovery thanks to Tristen Haines with Cook getting TD number four plays later to make it 28-7 with momentum in the hands of Scio; but they know they’ll need to work on the penalties as the yellow towel could cost them next Saturday in the other team scoring as the Red Devils cut the lead to 28-13 with 7:02 to go.
“We’re just gonna get our heads into the game better,” said Gray on the penalties.  “We can cancel that out, we just got to keep our heads into the game better.”
Scio celebrating  Haines’ fumble recovery (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Seven minutes seperated them from Cascade Christian in the semi-finals as Nathan Yoder recovered the onside kick.
Nerves were there as Cook punted it away with 4:42 left as the defense came back out.
But they swarmed like bees in the fields, hornets almost as they forced a blocked punt off the hands of Wallen in the endzone, Wallen was close all night to blocking one and the Loggers got a safety after a scramble for the ball.
“Very nice, I told coach I better get one by the end of the night because it was that close every time,” said Wallen with a smile on his face as Scio went up 30-13.
And as they took to the victory formation and met as a team on their home field one last time, they know they’ll going to get a crack at revenge versus the Challengers next week as Cascade Christian shut them out 44-0 last postseason in the first round.
“We’re pumped, we’re going to take it to them, we wanted revenged on them from last year,” said Wallen.  “We didn’t play our game last year and we’re going to play our game this year.”
And as they get a extra day to prep, playing on Saturday, the Loggers are ready to prove everyone that is doubting them wrong against Cascade Christian.
“I’m excited, starting Sunday Night whenever coach shows film,  That’s when preparation starts and we got to be as prepared as possible, they’re good,” said Lowther.  “A lot of people say their better than us, we’re about to find out Saturday.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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