Scio Drops A 60-Burger in 68-31 First Round Win

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.–It took a while for Scio’s offense to find their rhythm against Lakeview Friday night to open up the playoffs in most of the Loggers first time facing the Honkers.

Whether it was penalties that pushed them back during the first half or Lakeview clogging up the middle and challenging the Loggers to bounce outside, 38-12 seemed a tad close for comfort for Scio knowing that they cannot have that come round 2 against either Coquille or Dayton.  Especially the penalties that put a further damper on that Logger mojo.

“I think they were a pretty good challenge, we’ve never played them before, this was the first-time I’ve ever played them before or seen them come up this far,” said Dru Cook, who had three touchdowns in the first half alone in that win.  “We’ve had 45 yards of penalties in five plays that even started on the first drive.  Two of them were personal penalties, that wasn’t right.  Overall we came back and we fixed our heads and we came back and scored.42

And when they did piece it together, Scio looked like vintage Scio and tacking on another 30 points to their total that saw Cook pick up two more scores for five total touchdowns in the win.

Riley Zimmerman struck again in the fourth to push the Loggers into the realm of the 60-burger for the first time all season long before Reise Mendez almost pushed them to 70 with his score late in the game.

Defensively, it was a challenge as well.

Jacob Lowther got an interception after reading a screen play, Nathan Yoder’s name was being called all over the place to disrupt Lakeview’s game plan.  But a screen here, a seam pass there allowed the Honkers to set up scores against the Loggers defense, forcing Scio to change on the run.

“Every week, we have a defensive plan, we had to throw out a little bit of it because it wasn’t working as the coaches wanted it to, but it’s a new challenge every week.  We have a custom defense for every team,” said Yoder on the defense and adjusting on the fly.

As their game wrapped up, they were still awaiting the winner of the Red Devils and the Pirates and were open to any of the two for the next week knowing that they’ll be ready for the challenge of either team.

“We know Coquille and Dayton are really good team and that’ll be a very good match-up for them, we’re looking forwards to a really good match-up next week here at home and we’re going to bring everything we got,” said Cook.  “We’re not going to be shocked about anything that we see.”

And as some filtered into the locker room, others were trying to find the score of the game to only find out that Coquille scored in the final minute of the game against Dayton and holding off the Pirates for the 40-35 Friday night in Dayton to set up a Red Devil-Logger showdown in Scio Friday night under the lights.

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