Older Sorenson In Attendance Friday Morning

By Jeremy McDonald


HILLSBORO, Ore.–Standing in the rafters looking onto the Liberty Basketball court during the Sprague-Sheldon volleyball game was 2017 Olympian Graduate Tanner Sorensen.

Having practice at 3pm at Linfield College, a simple walk-through for their game Saturday against Puget Sound, the Sprague-Grad had some time to sneak out to Hillsboro to watch his baby sister, Kai;ee, play in one of her last volleyball games of her career.

As the season winds down for the Wildcats (6-1, 5-0), Sorenson has been enjoying the move to college ball and the experience of playing for a D-III power.

“Oh it’s been a blast, the older guys are great and are really accepting of all the new guys coming in,” said Sorenson.  “They’re all out there for all the right reasons, we want to win some games and our ultimate goal is always to get that National Title.

“So I feel like we’ve put in plenty of effort and plenty of work and the older guys just prove to us it really matters what you do than how good you are.”

Having been moved from defensive tackle to tight end to guard, Sorenson has been going wherever the coaching staff needs him, having seen action in two games this season for Linfield while learning from the older guys around him on and off the field.

“It’s a small school about the same amount of people as my high school so you really get to know the guys really well, it’s not like there’s a ton of people there, but the older guys, just their work ethic and their willingness to help us figure it out has been…it’s made it way easier to come into a new program like that,” starts Sorenson.

“They’re always asking if there’s anything to have it make sense easier or anything they can do outside of practice or even school work.  Some of the older guys are willing to tutor us if we have trouble in any of our classes.  So I mean, they made the transition a lot easier.”

Tanner’s younger sister Kailee coming off the court Friday during the second set against Sheldon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

As the game below, him and his family wraps up, it wasn’t the result them or Kailee Sorenson and the rest of the Olympian volleyball team wanted.  And as Sorenson walks out to great his younger sister, who like her parents didn’t know he was coming, Tanner couldn’t be prouder of his senior setter of a sister this season and in this game.

“I mean are you kidding me?  Whenever I get to see my little sister go out there and do her thing it’s awesome to see because she really cares about the game,” Sorenson said as he lights up with pride talking about Kailee.  “She plays with a passion that’s just un-paralleled   I was so excited that I was able to come out here, surprise my family, they didn’t think I was going to be able to make it but I made the jont and I’m super glad I did.

“It’s sad they lsot, but I’m just happy I got to see her before the season was over.”



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