Coming Together

By Jeremy McDonald

OREGON CITY, Ore.–  With just six returnees for the Clackamas Community College 2017 squad, you can see why there’s could be some ups-and-downs with a young team as the Cougars enter their sixth-week of the season and about 10 days away from their 12-team Jamboree on November 5.

During Friday morning’s practice you saw those returning sophomores stepping up with  Nygil Carr who was a 2016 All-Conference, All-League and All-Defense as a freshman and Briggs Youngs helping spark some fire underneath their team by vocally pushing their teams.

“I think it’s very important because you guys that want you to finish, you got guys who are leading you and pushing you to get better so I think that’s important,” said sophomore returnee Fredy Vera. “All five of us got to be leaders, Nygil and Briggs are pushing us every single day and being vocal leaders.

“I think it’s important because we are returners and they’re freshman and they look up to us.  I mean they rely on us to lead them, we got to push them and I think today was…we got to lead.  Today was kind of a tough practice, but we got to do a better job.”

Briggs Youngs barks out a call as he drives up the court (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


With their scrimmage against the Alumns like Joey Baldwin and Zach Satrum, it gave the team an opportunity to start gelling as a unit and giving the younger guys a chance to put into practice what long-time Clackamas Community College Head Coach Clif Wegner, who’s entering his 20th season at the helm of the program, is teaching them.

And with their 12-team jamboree on November 5 and then another scrimmage jamboree at Bellevue on November 11 before starting the season November 17 when they host Multnomah JV’s squad, there’s plenty of opportunities for the Cougars to continue to improve as a whole moving forward.

As practice wraps up, Carr voices out his confidence of his team in believing that they could make a deep run at the NWAC this year and Vera echoes that same confidence in his team.

“What we do in practice is taken onto the jamboree, I think it’s important for us to play together like we do at practice and we do playing together when we want to.  I mean if we’re selfish then it’s not going to be good, when we play together we’re really good,” said Vera.

“Just sticking together and everything.  If people don’t like each other, that’s off-the court, but when your on-the-court your brothers and that’s important to us because we want to be family, a unit and it’s important for us to like each other especially on the court.  If somebody doesn’t like someone, then it’s not going to mesh together, I mean we want to be a family.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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