Cascade Gets Revenge Over North Bend 35-7 To Advance To Field of 16

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  When Cascade faced North Bend early on in the season, they knew they had their hands-full against one of the State’s best year-in and year-out and it showed in their 24-8 defeat in Week 3 to the Bulldogs.

And when the two met up again in the Play-In round Friday night in Turner again, it seemed weird that the Cougars, a semi-final team in 2017 and North Bend, 4A’s Best in 2016, would meet this soon to even determined who’s going on and who’s going home as both teams had the same aspirations as they have in year’s past.

By halftime, it was 14-0 and then it was 21-0 following Quinn Legner’s 30-yarder to Elijah Nolan midway through the third.

But, the Bulldogs answered with a score, 21-7.  Then stopped Legner’s offense that had another weapon in Ethan “Give the man his” Coffey in the backfield.  Though the Coffey was kicking in, it was Primetime in Devin Privratsky who had two big interceptions, the first leading to Legner’s third touchdown of the game to put Cascade up 28-7.

“It wasn’t really me, I had the picks but my team had the stops, they rushed the quarterback,” said Privratsky.  “I was just in the right spot at the right time, it was all on my team.”

Ethan Coffey (2) recieving the ball from Quinn Legner in Friday’s Play-In game versus North Bend (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Coffey, who’s playing like the seniors around him though he’s only a sophomore and is built like a senior, rushed it in for Cascade’s final touchdown of the game the was preceded by a nice diving catch by Kevin Kuenzi that got them into Bulldog territory.

“The offense really clicked today, we were getting a lot of push at the line, they did an amazing job,” said Coffey.  “They were really impressive, they were doing a good job.”

Now, as they wait for what is to come in the first-round in terms of opponent, there’s excitement about getting back to the postseason.

“It’s pretty cool, it’s a great feeling to have, especially having a lot of my friends being seniors.  It’s a great feeling,” said Privratsky.

Seniors like Legner and Kuenzi has been a fun experience for Coffey as he’s looking forward to sharing this experience of the postseason with those guys knowing it’s going to be their last ride and push for that Title.

“It’s really nice, I really look up to them a lot.  It’s really fun playing with the older kids and they help me be better,” said Coffey on playing with the seniors on their final journey.

Once Newport’s Play-In game versus Phoenix is completed Saturday in Southern Oregon, the Cougars and the rest of the 4A will know who and where they’ll be at for the Friday or Saturday of November 3 or 4.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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