Dynamic Duo: Hill, Berry Goes Off As Scots JV Improves To 4-4

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Frustrations were there for the JV McKay team as they entered the fourth quarter down 6-0 to North Salem Monday night.  Frustrations that saw them dominate the line of scrimmage to start the second half, only to be denied the endzone on more than one occasion.


The Scots have been in this situation before as they remembered being down 21-0 to South Salem the week before and came back and rally back to win 32-28; this week’s deficit isn’t as nearly as daunting of a challenge, but will require work however.

That’s when the Dyanmic Duo of Gary Hill and Daetrayl Berry started to showcase their running abilities against the Vikings defense.

Daetrayl Berry (with ball) driving through a North Salem defender as McKay’s offense picked up steam late in the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Berry, the more elusive runner had the ‘Beast Mode’-like power of Hill to go with to help set up a big fourth quarter that saw Hill score twice and Berry adding another one to turn a 6-0 deficit into a 20-6 lead with time running thin.

“I think it’s just the coaches, I feel like we’re a halftime team,” said Hill.  “We usually do what we do at the minimum in the first two quarters, but the third we’re usually at our best because the coaches get on us for all the things we did.”

But, they’ll know they need to go a full 48 minutes against Sprague next Monday to end the season and not wait until the final 24 to make their move as they know that the Olympians can not be as forgiving once they get a good-size lead on their opponents.

Keep it in striking distance, it could be a ball-game Monday as the JV squad, with wins against McMinnville, Sherwood, the Saxons and now North Salem, are looking for that winning season before a good chunk of them make the move to Varsity in 2018 either as swingers or full-time players.

“100/100, I feel like we need to practice harder because we haven’t practice as hard as we actually can,” said Hill. “Like in practice, people be half-assing it.  Our team is good enough to play against any team in our conference, the games we lost we shouldn’t have lost if we play like we play all we did in the second-half we should get that win.”

“I think it’s just coming to play 100-percent hard,” adds Ty Kynaston.  “Just coming out of the gates with everything you got, no matter what.  With McKay, there’s so much adversity, we just have to overcome it like we did tonight against a whole bunch of other teams.”

Kynaston clarifying what his coaches are telling him during the game Monday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Defensively, two interceptions helped settle the Scots nerves and helped build more confidence to put the last few nails in for the win Monday night.

Kynaston almost took his interception to the house in a Kam Chancellor-esc return in a crucial time of the game with the lead in their hands.

“Just playing with everyone, supporting your brothers,” said Kynaston.  “When I’m not in, I’m yelling from the sidelines.  I’m in, I’m helping my brothers.  It’s playing with all of your heart is all I got to say.”

As the Varsity to host Sprague Friday night and the JV and Freshman teams playing the Olys Monday Night, the question becomes:  How do these guys, from either side of the ball and schools, give their fans one last thing to remember as we close out the regular season?

FROSH RESULT- McKay 7, North Salem 6

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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