Perrydale Finishes Second In Casco League District Tournament

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–It was a tell of two halves, or sets, between Perrydale Volleyball and Crosshill Christian Saturday night at the Oregon School For The Deaf.

The Lady Pirates took the first set and rallied back from a 11-5 deficit for a 25-22 set two win.

But, with a chance to sweep the number three in State, the fourth-ranked Perrydale team couldn’t complete the sweep of the Lady Eagles as Crosshill Christian took that third set 25-22.

Unfortunately, a caliber team like the Eagles, you cannot leave the door open because Crosshill Christian did something that left the Lady Pirates stunned:

They came back.

They forced a set five by winning set four 25-14.

That set was the deciding factor in the match in terms of swinging momentum from Perrydale over to the Lady Eagles for good as Crosshill Christian took the final set 15-6 to garner the number one spot out of the Casco league between these two Co-Champs.

Kenzy Lawrence (3) looking on in between plays in Saturday’s game versus Crosshill Christian (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The looks along the Lady Pirates were that of anguished, frustrations, unhappiness as they were handed that second-place trophy.  They knew they had this game, they had the top seed of their conference one set away from their grasp as they heard several of their own named to All-Tournament and All-League honors.

“I feel like we did really good in the beginning and we were playing really hard and we just had to keep pushing,” said Sydney Lawrence, who received All-Tournament and first-team honors as a sophomore.  “But yeah it was really hard, we could’ve beaten them but I don’t know what happened.”

Lawrence was one of three first-teamers from Perrydale along with junior Alyssa Lux and senior Jackie Juarez.  Sydney’s twin Sister Kenzy Lawrence got second-team along with sophomore Nathalie Juarez.   The elder Juarez too was apart of the All-Tournament team as well.

Head Coach Denise Dickey won Coach of the Year as the Lady Pirates finish the 2017 season 22-6, an improvement from 2016 by 12 wins and the win total in 2017 surpasses that of the 2016 team by one that finished fourth in 1A.

Alyssa Lux (4) going up for a contested ball during Saturday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


And as they think about the game, it was certianly a learning experience nonetheless for a Perrydale team that only has three seniors to four sophomores and three freshman as they move onto the postseason.

“It was a good learning experience, it was good practicing win or lose, it’s always good practice,” said senior Isley Burns who was Honorable Mention All-League. “I think that this game taught us to stay positive.”

As a senior, Burns was on the team that lost in the first-round of the playoffs in 2016 to North Clackamas Christian and knows, like what Jacki Juarez and Abigail Bibler are probably thinking as well, this is it.  Last go around with the squad before graduation.

“Oh it makes me so excited, it’s also kind of scary you’ll have to get the younger kids hyped up about it because they have more years but you have to tell them, ‘this is our last year, you have to give it 100-percent’,” said Burns on going to the playoffs once more.

Now, for that bitter-taste in their mouths.

They know they can do it.  That 13-game winning streak that was followed up with another seven-game winning streak.  That 27 straight consecutive winning streak.  Perrydale know that they can do it and Saturday night was just apart of it.

“We won the first two games so we know we can do it,” said Burns.

“I just feel like what we’re feeling like this, we don’t want to feel like this again,” adds Kenzy Lawrence.  “We’re going to push, because we’ve felt it before to get above it.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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