Moving Past It: Crescent Valley Hands Silverton First League Loss

By Jeremy McDonald

SILVERTON, Ore.–  Coming into the game, Crescent Valley and Silverton were sitting tied for the Mid-Willamette Conference lead at 5-0.

The Lady Raiders were number three in the State entering the game and showcased early why they are up there in 5A alongwith the North Eugene’s and the Summit’s in the State with five first-half goals en route to a 6-0 win over the Lady Foxes thanks in part to a really good attack offense that challenged Silverton’s defense all game long.

Yes, it was a frustrating game as they finally cracked over that ,500 mark Tuesday for the first time since the Churchill game to start the season in August; but it’ll serve as a learning lesson of sorts with Corvallis ahead to close out the 2017 season.

“I think first to be able to move on we need to realize that this is what the game is, you win some and you lose some,” said Savannah Reilly.  “That any given day, like Gary (Cameron) said you come out tomorrow and you practice and you just use what we have and just keep moving forward and now just focus on Corvallis and what they have  and what we can give them and just battle.

“We just got get our heads in the game.  I mean this was a good fight for sure and it definitely taught us some lessons and we know what we need to work on now, but yeah it’s just apart of the game, we just got to get ready for Corvallis.”

Cameron points to one of the things they need to prepare for in that big game for his team in the turf that the Spartans have out there to go along with it’s talent.

“We have to be careful down there, their turf is super fast.  It’s old and we’re not use to that, we’re prone to playing long-balls too soon, we’re going to talk about that.  That’s going to be tomorrow and Monday,” “We got film on when Corvallis played CV, which was fairly close.

“Corvallis has a few dangerous players in freshman with pace. Aja Bumpus has been a four-year starter, she’s really shifty with the ball, she’s good at getting herself a shot window and getting a shot off right now.  She needs to be accounted for as soon as they enter the attacking third.”

Cameron also pointed out Ely Wolfe, their returning goalkeeper who was a first-teamer last season for Corvallis as some big names on a very-talented team.

“We’re the luckiest people in the world, we get to travel our skills down there, throw them on the field and see how we do,” he said on facing the Lady Spartans.

Call it fuel for this last game to build momentum for what is to come in the postseason, but certinaly the Lady Foxes of Silverton will find a way to bounce back and use this game to help build some momentum for the game on Tuesday and moving forward.

“I think this will definitely snap us into it and give us some momentum,” said Reilly.  “We just got to use this and move on and prepare ourselves for the next game.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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