Juniors Take Powderpuff In Overtime

By Jeremy McDonald


STAYTON, Ore.–  Call it a zing to their opponent or just a master of designed, but as Chloe Howard ran into the end-zone along the sophomores sideline minutes after the sophomore squad were holding the trophy in what they thought at the time as triumph as neutralized by the sweep-play.

But how the sophomores and juniors got to the Powderpuff Championship game was an unique one.

The sophomores, led by names like Genevieve Frith and Emma Heuberger, took the seniors to triple-overtime before Heuberger’s touchdown was the difference maker in the overtime thriller.

“I thought we were going to get crushed by the seniors but then we pulled it out.  I think we got a little too cocky.”” said Heuberger on the win.

For the seniors, who pleaded that Emma Lindemann was in the end-zone when her knee hit the ground, sadness is there in wanting to win that Powderpuff trophy before graduating from Stayton High School even though there’s still fun to take part in Powderpuff.

“I think last year, we were playing for fun and this year we were more playing to win and I think that really caught up to us,” said Lindemann. “But it’s really fun to go out there, especially with girls who you go to school with and just to be able to beat up on them.”

Lindemann was like Mighty Mouse out on the field, her play resembling that of Jerry Daniels even though she’s five-foot-one.

Lindemann (20) running down the sidelines, was the vocal point for the Senior team.  Even throwing once in the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)



The juniors, with the boot of Marri ‘Sebastian Janikowski’ Martinez on kick-offs and punts and their strong overall unit, scored 30 points on the freshman while the junior defense completed the shutout of the Eagle Class of 2021.

“It was so much fun just to bond as a class.  I mean I just feel like we grew so much closer with this game,” said Howard.  “We played hard together and we competed.  We’re bruised, but we did great and it worked out.”

As the Seniors and Freshman drew a 0-all tie in their one-half of play in the consolation bracket, what started the Powderpuff fun with overtime, ended it the same exact way:


Both the Sophomores and Juniors were aggressive, perhaps as much as their male counterparts who were coaching them if not more with the score knotted at zero.

Through the first two overtime periods, one-play from five-yards out, no luck of ending the game.

With the ball moved halfway to the goal-line, finally some luck with Howard’s run along the sophomore sideline to cheers from the juniors sideline along the home grandstand as the junior class completes the sweep of Homecoming Week following their Man’s Volleyball win over the sophomores earlier this week.

“It was fun, it felt so good,” laughed Howard on the win.  “It was pretty great, we’re going to keep the streak going next year.

The Sophmore team holding the trophy during their game versus the Juniors (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Heuberger, who was like Tom Brady in extending the game the possession before with a touchdown throw to Frith to continue the game following the Juniors score, was looking to continue the game with another strike.

But the Junior defense denied such an opportunity as the trophy that the sophomores briefly held a few minutes earlier was now being held by the junior class across the field.

And though they didn’t pull off the victory, this sophomore class is already ready to get after the Junior class next year as Juniors and Seniors as they shook hands after it was all-said and over with.

“It was really fun and I didn’t think it was going to be that competitive,” said Heuberger.  “But once we got started, it was like, ‘yeah, get there.  Get it done’….but it didn’t pan out.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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