Silverton Pulls Away From Aggressive Woodburn 3-0

By Jeremy McDonald

WOODBURN, Ore.–  One thing is for sure, the 2017 Woodburn squad is very different than they have been in years past, and it started with their aggression on both sides of the ball.

The 3-0 final was the closest the Bulldogs were to the Lady Foxes since their 2015 match-up (too a 3-0 result) and with Woodburn’s aggressive playing style, Silverton’s back-line and goalies in Mia Geroge and Olivia Meyer were kept on their toes throughout the match with the Bulldogs sending drives to their outside forwards looking to prove that their 4-3-1 record was no fluke.

“First half we did awesome, second half  even better,” said Ellie Schmidt on the defense in the first-half to help set up the win.  “It was a great feeling, it was awesome.  I was really happy.”

Silverton celebrating with Jessie Sossie (33, left center) after her goal putting the Lady Foxes 1-0 in the first half (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)









Several Woodburn kicks missed it’s mark giving the ball back to the Foxes, but could only mustered a Jessie Sossie goal in the 29th minute to give them a 1-nil lead entering the half.

The Bulldog defense emulated Silverton’s defensive mindset by interrupting the ebb-and-flow of the Lady Foxes offense, but Silverton found a little more of a groove in the second half as Katie Sinn gave the Foxes a little more of a cushion with two-second half goals to push the score to 3-0.

“At the beginning, it was kind of rough, we didn’t really communicating with each other,” said Sinn on the offensive effectiveness.  “But once the second half we came in, we were ready to go communicating with each other.  We were expecting passes and it worked out.”

The Bulldogs’ best chance to break the shutout came way in the final two minutes and change when they sent a rainbow shot from the top and to the right of the box that had the looks to score if it wasn’t for Meyer stretching out in the air to nab it down to help complete just the second shutout of the season.

And as they complete the first week of Mid-Willamette Conference play 2-0 with ten goals and two shutouts, momentum and confidence is building as they enter Week 2 of league play with South Albany (home, 6p Tuesday) and Dallas (away, 4pm Thursday).

“After preseason, we were pretty down, but this definitely gave our confidence back and we’re ready to conquer the next teams,” said Sinn on the 2-0 week.  “We jut got to take this confidence that we got from these games and carry it over to next week and keep doing what we’re doing and go from there.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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