POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL: Ready To Take Over Defeats Eat Turf 14-0

By Jeremy McDonald


SCIO, Ore.–For the Class of 2018, the Powderpuff game was the cherry on top of everything for their powderpuff careers.

With seniors like Rheanna McDaniel, Kelsey Pollard, Katelyn Gray and quarterback McKenzie Reger, they were looking for that four-peat against the hit-stick ability of Kasidee Parazoo and the ‘Eat Turf’-crew of sophomore-juniors were looking to up-thrown that opportunity.

After the sophomore-junior crew went four-and-out, the senior-freshman squad of ‘Ready To Take Over’ saw Reger break out along the ‘Eat Turf’ sideline to score the first touchdown of the game.

The sweeping offense of the senior-freshman squad only had a handful of practices, but from the coaches, to the offensive line to the backs running the rock; knew what they had to do.

“It was pretty important we didn’t have  too many practices…so we just worked with the information that we had,” laughed McDaniel.

McKenzie Reger preparing to let off a pass during Wednesday’s game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For much of the reminder of the game, both defenses showcased the rich tradition of hard-hitting Scio football as the two teams got their fair-share of bumps and bruises, but the game remained 7-0 with time winding down, it seemed as if the sophomore-junior squad had found a way to slow the sweep-offense of the senior-freshman squad and forced a big fourth-down.

“I’m actually really happy because a lot of people thought we were the underdogs and we had no chance, but we worked hard in the little practices that we had and I don’t think we were scared,” said Parazoo on their aggression Wednesday night.

“We were going balls to the wall pretty much.  We were going to get them and we were going to show them that.”

After a debate if Ready To Take Over converted or not,  Eat Turf continued to push them before Reger iced the game with her second score of the game to hand the Seniors their fourth-win and the freshman, their first.

“It’s pretty cool, I think it says a lot about the girls athletes that we have in our class, I mean not too many classes have that,” said McDaniel on winning it four-years-in-a-row.”

Kasidee Parazoo (center, right)) and the Eat Turf crew in between plays of Wednesday’s Powerpuff game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


For Jacob Lowther, or Coach Lowther, it’s all about having fun regardless the score.

“Just have fun.  I mean that’s what it’s all about, who cares about the scoreboard.  It’s always nice to win, but for these girls, it’s fun to coach them.  They’re a little aggressive, but it makes it more fun,” laughed Lowther.

Lowther, who was in the huddle drawing up plays for the girls, said that that he can see himself coaching football one day down the line; as for Nathan Yoder, one of the coaches with Lowther though…maybe not so much.

“I’m not as football smart as Jake so maybe not as much,” laughed and smiled Yoder.  “But I mean it’s fun.”

As fun as it was, it was just a taste of what is to come with the Homecoming Game Friday between Scio and Jefferson.  Kick-off is at 7pm

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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