One Last Time: Webster Brothers Playing Together Again

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.–Playing alongside or with siblings is something special.

For Rylan and Sean Webster, the freshman-senior sibling combo find themselves playing together for the first time in several years with Fall baseball and the Western Mennonite boys soccer team.

“It’s really fun to be back on the same team again because we haven’t played together in 5/6 years together on the same team, so it’s kind of fun to come together again,” said the freshman Webster in Rylan on being on the same Fall baseball team together.

“For me, it’s kind of cool to have the little bro that I can teach things and give him new perspectives on things, it’s a great way to end your High School career,” said the older Webster in Sean.

Call it ironic if you want, while Rylan pitches (and had a great game against SWAT to start the doubleheader, getting out of two jams earlier on Sunday) on the diamond, he follows his older brother’s steps in being a goalie for the Pioneers JV squad while Sean’s on the Varsity squad.  Learning from his brother so when it’s his turn to take the Varsity spot, Rylan is ready to go.

“He teaches me a lot, every practice, every game, in warm-ups even too he teaches me all he knows and how to get better each practice and each game,” said Rylan on learning from his brother on the pitch.

Sean Webster throwing to first at Volcanoes Stadium Sunday’s doubleheader (Pictures By Jeremy McDonald)

For Sean, not just is he leaving an impression for his younger brother this year, the senior too is leaving that same impression to the underclassmen that will be taking his spot in 2018 like his brother will be.

“I definitely want to motivate a lot of the underclassmen and some of them tend to get lazy and not want to work for anything.  I feel like Rylan is a little bit different, he’s going to work for it and hopefully as I lead this upcoming year, he can be a successful goalie and more than just that but a man,” said Sean.

And as Sean talks to North Salem’s Jake Mason, both who went to elementary and middle school together, as Rylan climbs over the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Stadium wall by one of the dugouts into the stands; both are going to enjoy this last opportunity playing together one last time.

Whether it’s on the diamond in the Fall or Spring, or on the pitch during a practice or a game.

“Just sharing all of these moments together and just laughing and playing it off, it’s just like heaven.  Just being out here, fun games, espically with your brother,” said Rylan.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” adds Sean.



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