Celtics Pulls Away From McKay In 2nd Half

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  The opening 30 minutes of the McKay-McNary football game was defined by the old saying of, “Three yards and a cloud of dust” in that it pinned the running games of both squads against another’s run defense looking for that one break.

The lone score of the game was a one-yard dive by the Scots Izik Garcia in the first quarter as the two deep drives by the Celtics offense were derailed by the athletic ability of Khyler Beach with two big interceptions.

Entering the second half and recieving the ball to start the second 30-minute stanza, Junior Walling broke loose two big plays that set up a tying score with 10:24 left in the second quarter.

“Oh that was crazy important, I mean momentum shift is crazy important.  I mean we totally needed that in this game,” said Celtic quarterback Erik Barker on that opening drive.

Khyler Beach stretching before the second half as the senior had two first-half picks for the Scots Friday night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Looking to tie and keep momentum up in the air as it was prior to the score, Garcia and his Scots went to work and drove down the field thanks to Garcia’s strong running game. But Garcia fumbled at the one that would have gave McKay back the one score lead midway through the third.

No worries though, the Scots defense got a stop and had another opportunity to score; but mental errors hurt McKay once more as Ryan Bangs threw his second interception of the contest as McNary took a 14-7 lead off a Walling score to start the fourth quarter.

“I think we did pretty good on offense, just the little mistakes you know,” said the Scots Jamer Silva. “Our quarterbacks not having enough time, getting bad reads.  It happens to the best of us.”

With Jovi Davis in at quarterback, the senior try to spark a tying drive as his defense gave him and his offense opportunities to tie if not do further damage.

But, the offense continued to struggle as McNary iced the game with a big stop on fourth down to ice the 21-7 win with two minutes and some change left in the game.

Erik Barker (12) with Junior Walling (2) behind him as McNary exploded for 14 fourth quarter points in their 21-7 win over McKay (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The win gets the sour taste out of the Celtics mouths of the 62-6 loss to Sprague last Friday as they prepare for Forest Grove next Friday.

“I mean this game was a lot uglier than it needed to be, but it’s just nice to come out and get the win and the points that we got,” said Barker on the win.  “We just need to keep practicing and just keep hitting hard and just keep going at it.”

Anger and frustrations were there on the faces of the Scots as they knew a few sound plays here and there could’ve resulted in perhaps a closer game and possible a win as they now turn to a West Albany squad who lost on a last second play to North Salem Friday night at down the street at North Salem High School.

“Coming back Monday, going as hard as we can, going all out and just work hard,” said Zair Ku Beiza.

“I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to work my ass off.  I’m going to encourage my teammates because we practice together, we compete together as a unit and as together,” “All of us has to be committed 100-percent, every day at practice, every game from now on.  Bounce back better than ever.”

SCORE BY QUARTER      1     2     3    4    —  T

CELTICS                            0    0      7   14  —  21

SCOTS                               7    0        0    0   — 7

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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