McNary’s Sebastian Lopez Jordan Farr-Like As Celts Wrap Up Preseason

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.–KEIZER, Ore.–  Its not too far-fetched to see the similarities between McNary junior Sebastian Lopez and senior Corban Goalkeeper Jordan Farr in their skill set.

Both are communicative from the net and you can see that Farr-magic in his playing ability at the goalkeeping position; but what’s interesting about Lopez is that it’s not because he’s been watching one of the NAIA’s-best in the net, he’s actually worked with the Warriors and Timbers U23 goalie on a few occasions ad has incorporate those moments into his play.
“A lot, he’s helps me a lot with my technique and my work ethics because last year I trained with him a lot and was my goalie coach,” said Lopez of Farr.  “So he came in, played with us and trained with us almost everyday and helped us.”48
They’re similar build in height and in statue, Farr may be taller by a hand-full of inches tops, but the junior Celtic Goalkeeper showcased what he learned from Farr by using his communication skills by directing his teammates on where to go and how to position themselves on the field.
When it was his turn to lead by example, he made the saves to keep Madison off the board with 90 seconds left in the opening half that was a highlight-esc save as his offense battled to get something rolling offensively.
And when the Senators got a goal, coming off the top crossbar that landed right on the line in the early going of the second half, Lopez didn’t let that affect him with another couple saves to help give his offense an opportunity to score.
Lopez’ booming voice resembles that of Corban’s Star and Cascade-alum Jordan Farr as Lopez trained with the Warrior Star in the past (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Now, wheither Farr could boot the ball over the away stands at McNary to the outfield of the baseball diamond like a football field goal like Lopez did during the second half is unknown, but the junior held his ground against Madison.
“It’s very important because it keeps the team’s mindset in a good mood, helps them keep going 100-percent.  Not to let down and go 20-percent and give up,” said the third-year Varsity player on being a leader on the team.
Franisco Rios got a goal to knot things up at one-apiece a few minutes later, but there were frustrations in knowing they did not compete as well as they did with the Senators getting the 2-1 win with the Celts starting league Tuesday versus a tough West Salem squad, a game like this shows them how to approach a game like that.

“It’s really how you start the game because whatever team wants it the most, whoever brings out the most intensity, whoever wants to win more, that team is going to come out on top,” said Bhavdeep Bains.  “It’s not necessarily who’s the better team, it’s the team who wants it more.
“And I felt like skill-wise we were evenly matched, but they wanted it more than us today 100-percent.”

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