Amity Girls Soccer Versus Westside Christian

By Jeremy McDonald

AMITY, Ore.–Facing a 3A/2A/1A Girls Soccer powerhouse like a Westside Christian is no easy task by any stretch of the imagination.  The Lady Eagles have been to the State Title game, and the semis twice over the past four-years and presented a quality test for Amity in both teams non-league match-up Monday afternoon.

“Playing a harder team than you are is always good for you because if you have no challenge, then your not getting any better, your always staying the same,” said Natalie Turnbull, a sophomore transfer from McMinnville High School.  “If your always winning then your staying the same, it’s always the challenge that makes it fun.”

Early on, Turnbull found ways to slow the high-powered offense down in the opening minutes of the game to give her offense an opportunity to go toe-to-toe with one of the State’s best teams.

But, the Eagles got two quick goals on Turnbull and her defense before the Lady Warriors did something never done against Westside Christian yet this season:

Score a goal.

Strong play by Natalie Turnbull in the first half allowed Croxford and the offense to make drives against Westside’s defense Tuesday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Morgan Croxford drained a opposite post netter in the 20th minute and almost tied the game up at two-apiece following a nice drive into the goalie box as Turnbull gave her team opportunities to knot it up at two with big saves in the 29th, 32nd and 33rd minutes with Amity going toe-to-toe with the Eagles.

“I think we were a little slow at first and then we started speeding up, then when I got that goal, that’s when our intensity boosted up a little bit more and then after that we went down, I don’t know why,” said Croxford on the ups-and-downs on the game.

Then, a ball slipped by Turnbull to hand Westside Christian a two-goal, 3-1 lead, entering the halftime break.

Entering the second half however, it was all Lady Eagles as they continued to pull away in the 7-1 victory on the road.

“It’s super frustrating but I can’t get down on my team because that’s the only thing that has my back so I can’t let it bother me, we got to learn in practice what we have to do,” Croxford describes the frustrations of the game.

And with Gervais coming to town following their 4-0 loss to Salem Academy Tuesday, both team’s will be hungry for that first win of the season and practice Wednesday for both team’s will be crucial for that for the 4:15 game.

“I think what we did wrong today, we can learn from that in practice and improve and pay attention in practice and just work towards our goal and try to get Gervais on Thursday,” said Croxford.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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