Gervais Drops 68 in Win Over Portland Christian

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–If last week was any indication of what was to come for the Gervais Cougar football team, Friday’s game versus Portland Christian was their break-out game.

Yes, they scored 70 versus Chemawa last season and almost matched that total against the Lions; their offense was clicking behind Kona Kawamura and Dyontae Navarrete leading the way once more as they did Week 1 versus Sheridan.

“The offense was successful because everyone did the assignments and held there blocks, I have up 2 touchdowns and said I’d block for Dyontae to get those touchdowns and that’s what i did,” said Kawamura.  “But the biggest success was confidence in our team and ourselves to go and get what we wanted.”

The offensive line set up Kawamura and the skills positions as Gervais scored 32 points in the first half and 36 in the second half-worth of success that the scoreboard showed in Week 2.

“Some of it was probably from last week. But the core of us have been working are butts off this off season,” said center Will Perry on how last’s week triple-OT loss fueled them this week.  “We started playing as 11 guys on the field instead of individuals. It also is all the chalk time we have been doing this year watching film before and after practice.”

“Everyone came out knowing what needed to be done and we all executed,” added Kawamura.  “What fueled us this week was the lost we had taken last week and all the hard work we had put in.”

Now.  About next Friday against Scio.  The Loggers lost a tough, close game to a strong 4A team in Estacada Friday 21-20, and the Cougars know how much they’ll be wanted redemption as they were themselves Friday after last week.

So the question becomes now:  How do you duplicate it once more next week?  How do you build from Friday to next Friday as you did Week 1 to 2?

Kawamura and Perry both know it starts with hard work at practice.

“We can build off of it by taken the mistakes and fixing them.” said Kawamura on how they can go from here.  “Also put in more work for a tougher opponent (in Scio) and we can’t be satisfied by this win because we hungry for more ‘W’s.”

“We can turn there loss into are fuel we just have to hit film and work out the little kinks and we will be golden,” adds Perry.

Kick-off will be at 7pm in Scio next Friday night.



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