Stayton Boys And Girls Soccer Defeats Dallas With Identical 9-1 Scores

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  There was a lull entering halftime for the Stayton Eagles Boys Soccer team Tuesday afternoon, a lull meaning that after scoring three quick goals within the opening few minutes of the game from David Gomez, Alex Cramer and Courage Minten, Stayton seemed to lay-off the gas-pedal a bit with Dallas building some momentum entering the halftime break.

However.  That’ll be the closest it will become.

This is because Stayton came out blazing in the second half, pressuring with their offensive front-line, the Eagles scored six goals in the second 40 minutes to seal their first win of the 2017 campaign.

Kevin Hernandez had two of the six goals as Jacobe Croff, Jair Navarro and David Ramirez add three of the other four goals in the second half.

“I liked the attitude that we all had, we all had an attitude to win, to fight, win every ball,” said Hernandez. “I really liked how every player played tonight and just wanted to win.”

During the second half, a few Dallas players, flustered by the game and the score were verbally showing their frustrations, and as Head Coach Chris Shields preaches to his players, don’t say anything and just be you.

The Eagles reacting to the corner kick as the Eagles start the season with a 9-1 victory Tuesday afternoon (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

And the Eagles did just that in the second half of the game.

“I liked how we all kept our composure, we talked in a good way and not in a bad way,” said Hernandez. “We communicated really well.  We didn’t say anything bad to the other team, we just kept our good composure and had good communication in the game.”

In his first game against since 2016, Jose ‘Chivo’ Gomez gave a supportive foot along the back third in the defensive line coming off a ACL-injury, voiced where they can improve upon moving forward with Seaside next Tuesday at home.

“We need to talk more and let everyone in front of them know because we struggle right now, right there,” said Gomez on the defensive backline.

The time for the Seagull-Eagle game is 6pm before they go to Molalla next Thursday to wrap up preseason play.

GIRLS SOCCER-  In Dallas–  In one game alone, the Lady Eagles scored more (nine goals) than they did all of 2016 (eight goals), thanks to the emergence of speed up in front with Kylie Fisk and KJ Nyquist.

“It’s a really exciting day, we got a lot of speed in the front of the field that we can see it in a game against a defense that didn’t know what we’re trying to do and really exciting things happening and the girls rose to the challenge,” said second-year Head Coach Lael Anderson.  “It’s a new year and new girls and we’re really looking forward to seeing them play.”

The recipe for success this season will be that, it’s a new year and what happened in the past is just that:

In the past through the rear-view mirror.

“I told the girls that we’re not going to look through the rear-view mirror and that’s the same with me,” said Anderson.  “I want to look straight ahead and they have a lot of things that they are capable of if they cohesive as a team and work hard for each other not themselves.”

KJ Nyquist, who had a hat trick in the game, said that the next week while they practice for their next game too against Seaside will be focusing on what went right and how they can use it as mojo moving forward.

“I think it’s important that we focus on the positive things but also realize what we need to work on and incorporate that into our game and focus on what we need to do and strategize our game better next week,” said Nyquist.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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