Cascade Entering Week 1

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  As they walked out for practice under the hot, hazy August afternoon in Turner, the last two Friday’s have braced themselves for what is starting this Friday in Marshfield:

The long haul that is the regular season and beyond.

“They’ve had two Friday nights to get ready and that’s a big thing, they’ve started to prepare on how to get ready at 3 o’clock and moving on,” “So the only difference this Friday, we got about a four-and-a-half bus ride.  I think the boys are ready for it, we got the heat up here but it’s suppose to be 76 out there so it should be good.”

Extra incentive to get to Friday right with the hot week ahead right? Haha.  But the travel isn’t new for the program having their fair share of travel the past few years up and down the State of Oregon as they brace to go to a much cooler Coos Bay to play the Pirates this Friday.

But, it’ll be a challenge though with Marshfield have a very athletic six-foot-seven athletic Tight End in Corey Stover and not including several recievers in that six-foot and change range; something that has given Defensive Coordinator and Safeties coach Steve Miller a challenging feat to do with not just his safeties, but trying to get his defense to play fundamentally sound from the linebackers on back to the defensive backs.

“We can’t shut down their height, they’re going to be tall no matter what, so we just have to try to use our fundamentals to slow them down, but we can’t shut down their height,” said Miller on the defensive game plan. “We got to stop the run and we got to bank on stopping the run, so that’s what we have to do.”

And as Miller walked through his defensive backfield to do if one of their tall guys runs a seam-route or a drag-route across the field and being physical with them; offensively, the Cougars need to milk the clock with what they do best in the running game.

With a offensive line that has some size to it, it’ll be the first test following Friday’s jamboree to really showcase what they can do when the lights are at it’s brightest and each play that could determine what happens come games end.

“I’m very excited to see how we develop because this year we have so many young guys and I just want to see how they develop,” said Louie Sanchez on the young line around him.

As practice roared on, the memories of Marshfield rallying back to defeat Cascade last year in Turner has still remained to this day as they prep for this year’s match-up with the hopes of revenge.

“We’re getting the fuel for that, everyone’s like pump for it, everyone’s excited, got that anger in them because no one ever forgets a loss.” said Sanchez on last year’s game to this years game.

Kick off is 7pm at Marshfield High School..


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