Stayton JV Jamboree

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–With their Varsity teammates floating around before their own jamboree tonight at Lebanon High School, the Stayton JV Football Team hosted their own jamboree Friday afternoon.

As they wrapped up against Sweet Home and played against West Albany, the running game was incredible with Austin Jones and freshman Josh Belliard.  Belliard, a freshman and weighs about 130 to 140 pounds, looked and played as if he was one Jerry Daniels with running through defenders and showed off his speed and agility off around defenders during the Friday scrimmages.

“Just following my blocks I guess,” said Belliard on his performance.

For Daniels, he spoke highly of the young and upcoming running back in Belliard as the freshman, along with Jones, showed why they are the future of the running back position at Stayton High School

“That kid has speed and he’s not afraid to hit,” said Daniels on Belliard.

Whenever Belliard wasn’t razzling and dazzling around defenders, Jones with his size showcased why he can hit the hole hard and isn’t afraid of contact as they put some pressure off of Ben Rash’s shoulders at quarterback.

“I think they did awesome, they stepped up and kept their attitudes good,” said Rash on the running back core.  “We’re always optimistic while we’re out here and that’s how you got to win, you got to be really optimistic and stuff.”

Austin Jones (4) finishing a tackle as Josh Belliard (41) comes in himself on the play (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

With numbers low for Friday, and a JV squad consisting mostly of 10 freshman, a few sophomores and a handful of juniors, everyone stepped up to the challenge and answered that adversity bell under the hot skies over them and the hot turf underneath their cleats.

“It was good, our line really stepped up to the plate, it was awesome to execute and everything,” said Rash.  “We executed passing, I think we were like 5-for-7 on passing I think and with the receivers we have, they stepped up to the plate.  We’re a little rusty on our plays but you got to give the recievers a lot of credit for what they did and never stopped playing.

“Our defense stepped up with the younger freshman, they’re doing awesome, just battling their butts off,” continues Rash who played on the defensive side as well.  “We saw what they were doing at the beginning, what we like to do in the beginning in pre-game to see what they are practice and stuff.  Yeah I think we did a real good job executing on what we had to.”

As they now prepare for the start of the season, the Eagles JV know there’s always room for improvement like staying positive as they pan out the fine details of their plays heading into the season opener versus Estacada.

“i think pointing fingers a bit and staying positive, I think we did a pretty good job coming out here and being positive, but obviously there’s always room to improve,” said Rush.  “So yeah I think staying positive and stuff, I think we’re going to win a lot of games.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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