Offense and A Kicker Shines For Cascade Friday

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–For the first time of 2017, the Cascade Cougars got a chance to pop them pads for the first-time this season on home field; and it’s

“Oh it’s so much fun, I was excited all week, everyone was excited all week,” said Quinn  Legner.  “It’s nice to be out here.”

“It was incredible, a little nerve-racking to start, but once the shoulder pads click it was great,” adds David Kanoff.

Normally to start the season, the defense outshines the offense with big plays; and the Cougar defense did make some plays as excepted.

But too, the offense that looked like it was Week 2 or Week 3 of the season made some plays as well as Legner connected on two nice passes to receivers and the freshman Kanoff had a simple dump-off to the running back go for 20-plus yards that nearly too was a touchdown as well.

Legner liked how the offense found a groove during the scrimmage as they now prepare for their jamboree next Friday at 7pm.

“It was nice honestly,” said Legner who played the first couple series of the jamboree. “We had a tough practice yesterday on offense and it actually didn’t look too good, but it was nice to see us come out here and click.  I knew we had it in us, it was nice to see it.”

Quinn Legner (red shirt) running down the sidelines during Friday’s scrimmage (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Head Coach Brandon Bennett, a offensive line guru of sorts, changed up the offensive line up a bit with some bigger bodies, and it helped opened up lanes while helping keeping Legner on his feet Friday evening.

The line, Bennett says, is what they pride themselves on from the middle school level on up.

“Oh that’s what we pride ourselves on here at Cascade is the O-Line and that’s called the ‘Pipeline’ we try to move them up through the middle school all the way here at the high school,” said Bennett on the line.  “We love our O-Lineman, they’re the bad boys and that’s what we try to focus on.

“We try to split our team down the middle as we possibly could, what I was telling coach if we would’ve bring some of those ‘white’-group over to the black team, we would’ve have been, I think we would’ve had a pretty good line this year.”

In a interesting twist over the Spring, Joel Negrete made the transition from soccer to football and drilled a 35-yard Field Goal during the scrimmage and had strength and power for a possible 40-yarder that fell just about two-yards short of the top crossbar in the kick.

Joel Negrete (30) made the transition to football from soccer (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Bennett is excited for the possibility of having that option to go for three instead of worrying about scoring a touchdown and a two-point conversion every time.

“I think it’s great,, Joel came to me in the Spring and was like, ‘hey I want to play football coach’ and I said that was fantastic,” said Bennett on Negrete.  “And last year we had to go for two almost the entire game, so to have a leg, getting inside the 30-yard-line and know that there’s a potential for three-points every time is huge.  If you score every drive, you have a good chance of winning.”

With the jamboree coming up with Dallas, Estacada and Banks one thing is for certain for the Cougars of Cascade:

Crisping up the fine details.

“Well, everything,” smiled Legner.  “Got to handle the little things.”

“Just knowing your key points,” adds Kanoff.  “Everyone had their little mess ups.  Me, I have to be more vocal.  I didn’t speak as loud as I should’ve, I didn’t correct people on where they should be and yeah, we just need to focus on the little things.”

“The biggest thing we need to clean up is making sure a lot of our younger guys are getting dialed in on our plays,” “But our older guys, it’s cleaning everything up.  Just making sure they’re crisp on their routes, their blocking schemes.  Just kind of build off of what we’ve had here in the game tonight.”

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Photos by Jeremy McDonald


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