COACH V COACH: Ramirez ‘Beats’ Perkins In Catching Punts

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– As the sun sets over Salem and McKay High School Wednesday Night, Head Coach Josh Riddell and the team had a crazy idea to line up their offensive line and defensive line coaches Kenny Ramirez and Cory Perkins against each other in a ‘catch-beats-all’ game.

The premise.  To catch a punt from about 20 yards out and the current wave of Scots pick the coach they think is going to win.  Great team bonding right?

“It’s all about them ultimately, if it gets them excited, that’s all I care about,” said Ramirez.  “It’s not about me or the coaches, it’s about getting these kids pumped up and ready to go, that’s the big thing, we’re a family and they got to see us doing stuff as well at the same time.”

Cory Perkins, a 2004 McKay Graduate, calling for a one-handed catch competition for all the marbles (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s really fun to see the coaches being able to compete the way like the way we want to compete during one-on-one drills like that,” adds Jovi Davis.  “Especially our two o-line and d-line coaches and stuff like that, it’s really cool and fun to see, seeing them compete where the skill guys should be competing.  It’s fun building a bigger family bond and competing at a higher level.”

As they lined up, both sides struggled to get the first catch as everyone laughed at Ramirez’ and Perkins mishaps on fielding the ball even though both were competing like their glory days.

“We’re all built together, we come together once we have all of these competitions and whatever.  I mean even during practice you got to compete in everything,” said Johnathan Mentado on the fun time at the end of practice.

Both Ramirez and Perkins finally got one, and with the players on the losing side needing to run for their coach, both went into the figuitive overtime and needing to catch it with one-hand to win it.

Perkins misses his shot.  But, the older Ramirez did not as he falls and rolls with the ball for the one-handed catch for the win.

“Good time, good time,” said Perkins, a 2004 Graduate of McKay with a smile on his face.  “”It hurts my feelings a little bit, but he deserved it.  He’s been working hard.”

Davis with the look of disbelief as the senior had to run with some of his teammates for betting on Perkins (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For Ramirez, yeah there was some nervous on making the catch, but he did it with a little bit of help though.

“I was nervous,” smiled Ramirez trying to bite his tongue before letting it slip.  “Actually I’m not going to lie, I got the other hand on the bottom and I cupped it.  I thought it was going to fall out so I cheated a little bit.  If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying to win.  It’s a competition.”

But Ramirez does not endorse this behavior with his players however.


As the team left for the night, Davis did bring up another Coach V Coach challenge that could be in the works, and it’s not between the Youngin Riddell and the OG Riddell.

“I would rather see Singleton and Huber go Oklahoma with pads,” said Davis.  “I could just hear the collision, I think Singleton could light up Huber, it would happen.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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