The House By The Field

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–As you enter the Football stadium and pass the concession stand facing the football field, you’ll noticed a door facing out at you.

For most of this time, the room on the building was filled with random articles of stuff collected over time.  That was, until now.

Thanks to the idea set forth by the Stayton Booster Club, that door that faces you going to get your popcorn and hot chocolate during a football or soccer game is now being turned into a team room for the Eagles.

“It kind of started talking about just using this room for something rather than storing a bunch of stuff and that’s what it was ,” “When they did the re-model from the bond, a lot of stuff ended up in here and when our oldest son was in football, they used this, just for a year, for football.”

Large was refering to her oldest son, Ethan, who graduated from Stayton in 2015.


Besides the booster club helping out, the student body is too helping out as part of their community service hours; and Sophomore Justin Large, who’s the son of Robin Large, spoke to the impact of this chance beyond the call of duty of a few hours that’s required of him.

He’s doing for his friends now and the future generation of Eagle student-athletes and anyone else that may use it in the future.

“It doesn’t seem so big right now, but 10, 20 years later some kids my age is going in there before a game and go, ‘hey someone put a lot of work into this room and all of these benches’ and it’s nice to know that it may seem like now, no one is going to care,” “But later it’s going to impact somebody’s life.

“And the football players, they get the big locker rooms.  We got the big shoulder pads and helmets, but cross country and track, they don’t have anything.  They got bleachers.  they’re sitting there…you got them short shorts and tank tops.  You know it maybe hot running a sprint race, your shivering up in the stands and that place is nice.  It’s heated, if you need something to drink, you just go walk around and get something to drink.”

And the work that went into it was a lot.  Oh boy.  Cleaning out mold, re-painting.  adding new drainage to the outside, roofing and adding in benches/seats for the kids to sit on.  Cabinents that were already in there could be use for coaches or Corey the Trainer at Stayton to use as well for his Athletic Trainer gear even.

The list goes on and on with the work they have put in to make this happen, and it’s all in the name for the kids.


“It’s fantastic with how supportive, a lot of the things that we do, like something for example the turf, it takes a lot of money to do something like that,” said Athletic Director Darren Shryock.  “We have a room in there that just turned into a garbage dump, a lot of things got collected, well they went in and took the real garbage to the dump, cleaned it up, painted it.

“It doesn’t take a lot of resources, it’s just manpower and that’s just fantastic that they were able to do something like that.  They’ve done stuff like that for us all along.”

And the plan, that’s actually almost to the point of completion already, is to have it done by the fall sports season THIS year.  All they need to do is put some finishing touches on somethings like paint and complete the benches which are about halfway done if you factor in putting in the tops on the foundation and put some primer on them to complete them.

“It’s pretty nice, it’s pretty cool.  It’s Awesome,” said Jose Gomez of the Eagles Boys Soccer team.


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