Belichick and His Stayton Boys Ready For 2017

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–It’s a new year in Stayton for the Boys Soccer team and a year after seeing the six-year streak of winning the Oregon West Conference snapped, there’s a renewed sense of eagerness to get that title again and do what they do best:

Yeah, they were very young and inexperience together as a unit in 2016 while finishing second in the OWC behind 4A State Champions Newport.
Jose Navarro, who’s entering his junior season, saving a kick in practice as Stayton gears up for another season ahead (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
Alex Cramer, who was apart of the two Eagle teams who reached back-to-back State Title games in 2015 and 2016 as a freshman, knew the feeling last year losing to Brooking-Harbor in the first-round was weird; but too knew that this year’s team is special.
“It’s kind of inspiring with my last year and everything, just trying to make sure we go as far as we can this year with the guys we have,” starts Cramer on how last year is helping this years team.  “We have a really talented team this year and I hope like with all of us, we can work our hardest and get as far as possible.
“Like last year and the year before we were young, we got a couple of talented older guys but now it’s like we have an All-Star team it feels like because we’re all good and we’re all talented and we’re all competing  for a spot, whereas where we were last year.  So this year with this talent, I think it’s a different vibe.”
With guys returning like David Ramirez, David Gomez, Courage Minten, Jose Navarro and Carlin and Jacobe Croffe to go along with Cramer from his forward position, confidence is there to show the younger guys coming up how to do things in that weird Belichick-ing way that is Chris Shields system.
“We’re getting some good young talent coming in from  the middle school and Shields has like a (good pipeline)…each one of us has our own job and if we do our job, listen to Shields everything will just fall like it was suppose to,” said Ramirez on the team within the ‘Shields System’.
The Shields System has obviously worked in Shields years at Stayton and with him floating around the turf field Monday night at the High School, it’s hard not to believe why this team can’t be successful once more, similar to that of Belichick with the Patroits in trying to find a way in making the pieces work in one form or another.
Gomez driving up the field as the senior returns from a leg injury in 2016 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
And though they are losing Levi Summers in the backline, the Comeback Kid Jose ‘Chivo’ Gomez will make his long awaited return to the pitch after suffering a grueling injury during last season; and the senior can’t wait to get back to the field after seeing his team play in the latter part of the season in 2016.
“It feels good, like 11 months since I’ve had a game, like I’m excited,” smiled a nearly speechless Gomez describing getting a chance to comeback.
With the calendar slowly approaching August 29 when they host Dallas to start the season, the frustrations of last year, the gritty overtime win over McKay in summer league for the Title…it’ll come to it’s long awaiting summit here in a few short weeks.
“Every year, number one priority is to win league,” said Ramirez.  “Now, we’re not pressured  like we have to win it now and do more than just league, thinking about State too.  Got to make history.”
Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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