Paging Dr. Young?

By Jeremy McDonald

SCIO, Ore.– Traveling and enjoying the summer is one of the headliners of the season.  But to add on a sport like basketball, baseball or even softball to it?  It equals out to a entertaining summer away from school.

For Scio’s Brooke Young, the soon-to-be-senior third baseman has been taking apart of the Bat Company 16U-McCormack team, traveling around playing against teams from Washington, Oregon, Montana and California.

The experience, said Young, was awesome though bittersweet.  Fun, but learnful in the process of the summer.

“I have loved playing summer ball this year. It’s a bitter sweet because it is almost over. My travel team is my family and they push me to my limits with everything I do,” said Young.  “They are my motivation and I couldn’t be where I am without them.

“I have worked a lot on my hitting this summer. I got to see all different kinds of pitchers. Different speeds, pitches, and styles. I am really looking forward to high school season and bring my improvements into play when it will count for us,” Young added on the lessons learned this summer in preparation of her Senior Season.

Young is hitting roughly .430 with 17 RBIs in 37 games after her first team honors in the PacWest her junior season.

Speaking of the High School season, Young is apart of a Class of 2018 class that features Kelsey Pollard, Ashton Phillips and Rheanna McDaniel, that has helped put the Lady Loggers on the map in terms of softball with three straight semi-final apperences in the classes first three-years.

Young in the on-deck circle during Scio’s softball game versus Dayton on May 30 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

It’s bittersweet knowing that when Spring comes around here in a few months knowing her and girls like Phillips, McDaniel and Pollard’s days in the Scio Black and Orange, there’s a hunger there to go up-and-beyond once that day comes.

“It’s definitely going to be a bittersweet moment but we need to come out and play like we have never played before,” said Young.  “Come out to prove a point and play better than we have ever played before. And that will come from hard, consistent practices.

“We have played together for so many years we have a special bond. We know each other so well it’s easy to play together. We can trust each other in the game and that is very important for a team to be able to perform well.”


And with college around the corner, and outside of wanting to play at the next level, Young has already plans for her career beyond softball in being a Sonographer, which is a form of ultrasound tech ever since she had a ultrasound done on her neck when she was nine-years-old.

“I was able to watch the whole thing. And from there it sparked my interest,” said Young.  “I have been to a couple job shadows where I have performed ultrasounds myself and it is a very cool thing to experience.”

Having job shadowing in Lebanon ever since her sophomore year has been beneficial said Young in making sure she doesn’t change her mind with college students changing their majors at least once in their collegiate academia careers.

“My job shadow was amazing,” described Young on the experience.  “I did it to be completely sure that was the field I wanted to get into. I don’t want to get halfway through college and realize I made a mistake.

“The job shadows assured me that I am not making a mistake. I love the medical field but I do not do well with blood, so ultrasounds are a perfect way for me to still help people and be involved in the medical field.  I like knowing I am helping people that need help.”

Doctor Young perhaps here in a few years?


As the summer wraps up for Young and her summer softball travels following another trip to Southern California, the bonds she made with her teammates this summer as well as the memories that come with it.

“My favorite memory this summer is swimming in the ocean for the first time with all my teammates,” said Young on her favorite memory on the summer with her travel ball team.


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