Mustangs Stun Dirtbags 19-7, But Dallas In Semis Saturday

By Jeremy McDonald

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore.–Words cannot explain the frustrations for the Post 20 Dirtbags Friday night versus Medford.

In what looked to be a great game as Dallas jumped out 7-0 on the three-time State Champions in Medford turned disastrous as the Mustangs jumped on top of the Dirtbag pitchers offensively for 19 runs on 15 hits and held a Dallas offense that was averaging 18.5 runs on about 20 hits to seven and eight.
“I felt like we came out really strong and after the first couple of innings, we, I feel like in a way, let off.  We lost our focus or something,” said Tanner Earhart. “Something we lost after the first couple of innings and what we need to take away from that is to keep the throttle down and as you can see, we can put up some runs.
“Seven runs in the first two innings and we just got to keep that  going throughout the whole game and not let it off like it did.”
But.  There is a sliver lighting to the darkness as they heard the heavy Medford crowd cheer around them.
As Medford celebrated their 19-7 win Friday Night, the Coaches of Dallas called it in as soon as the handshakes were over to settle the frustrations before heading back to the hotel for the night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
And as their coaches gathered them on the field, in between home and first base, the Dallas coaching staff tried to settled the frustrations that were on the faces of the Dirtbag players.
“He was trying to let us know that it hurts real bad, but to roll on with the plan,” said Earhart. “If we want to keep going in this tournament…we got to forget about it, learn from it still.”
“It really settles us down from this lost, all we can do is move on and just focus on tomorrow,” adds Luis Amador.  “We’re still not out of it, we can still win this thing.”
Breathe in their lungs was said by their coach, they still can achieve their goals, it’ll be hard having to win their next three games to win the whole she-bang, but it’s still possible.
All they need to do is to take it one-at-a-time starting with Eugene Saturday at 1pm.
“We have to swallow this one and move on.  Just get better and just focus on tomorrow, just take it one game at a time and work up to the Championship,” said Amador.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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