Getting Better Everyday: McKay’s Jovi Davis’ Summer Adventure

By Jeremy McDonald

BEAVERTON, Ore.–  Standing at Five-Foot-Ten-Inches, Jovi Davis may not be your ‘standard’ quarterback in height nor size; but the soon-to-be-McKay senior makes it work with grit, Michael Vick-isc quickness and a good grasp of the position of QB.

During his junior season, Davis suited up for Varsity games but also saw action down at the JV-level with Ryan Bangs with one of Davis’ highlight of the year was going into the Scots game against North Salem down 16-0 in the third quarter and flashed his wheels with McKay a failed two-point conversion away late from forcing overtime versus the Vikings.

Fast-forward to the dawn of his senior season, and with Davis gearing up for his third quarterback football camp at the University of Oregon following another night of 7-on-7 action with the Scots at Jesuit High School on this night.

And up to this point, the track record of camps include the Tyrell Williams Camp at Western Oregon before he went up to Russell Wilson’s camp where Davis had an opportunity to pick the brain of the Super Bowl-winning quarterback and seeing how he can incorporate some of what has made Wilson successful up to this point of his career since Davis tries to emulate his playing style to Wilson’s.

“I mean it was a blast getting to travel up to Seattle and to Western Oregon with Tyrell Williams and stuff like that,” starts Davis on the journey to this point.  “My favorite one probably ahs to be the Russell Wilson just because I try to copying his style a lot with the kind of stuff I put on the field.

“Picking his brain, knowing his knowledge, his communication skills in the huddle and out of the huddle.  It was just fun picking his brain, trying to better myself so I can make it to where I can make the McKay squad better.”

Davis rolling out during Tuesday evening’s  Passing League at Jesuit High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Davis points to what Wilson said of timing his three-, and five-step drops to a beat of a song so it’ll be easier for him for the play ahead.

“If you really think about, like for example your three-step drop.  He told us that, think of a song that can go with the rhythm of your footing and you’ll be great,” described Davis on what Wilson told them. “He said that every time before the snap, he’ll think about a song and it would think into his head all the way to he heard the whistle. And he’ll go into the huddle and repeat it.

“He’ll do it for his three-step, five-drop, his bootleg.  He does it on all sort of things, he just said, ‘have fun.  Don’t make it too hard on yourself or your just going to over-work it and your not going to get a ‘W’ out of it’.”

With the University of Oregon camp happening on July 29, at the end of the ‘Moratorium Week’ for at the Prep-level, all these opportunities, past, present, future, Davis can use all of these lessons learned from this summer and translate that over to helping McKay make a run at a State Playoff berth in 2017.

“Just being able to work with other people that your not considered as a ‘team’, your both working to get the same thing,” said Davis. “You can translate that to your own team saying, ‘hey, we’re here to make each other better and this whole school better.  Let’s all work it out and communicate and keep grinding and keep working’.”

Jovi Davis may not be your ‘everyday’ quarterback on paper in the height or weight columns, but Davis will certainly work like those types of quarterbacks with the work ethic that the kid brings to the table.



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