West Salem, McKay Competing with Jesuit, West Linn In 7-on-7

By Jeremy McDonald


BEAVERTON, Ore.–  As West Salem and McKay made the trek up to Beaverton to Jesuit High School to take on the two squad who always in the discussion for the State Title year-in-and-year-out; the opportunity, though 7-on-7. gives both the Titans and the Scots an opportunity to see what they have with the season just right around the corner.

“It’s really good because we got to see what’s out there and not just in our conference, but out of our conference,” said Jamal McMurrin, the younger brother of 2017 West Salem High School-graduate Keonte McMurrin.”All three of those teams that we played today are teams that we are probably going to see, either in the regular season like McKay first game, or West Linn and Jesuit and it’s just good to see them.

“I feel like we learned a lot on where we’re at as a team and we’re going to move forward as a team…I felt like we let a couple of little mistakes get away on defense but those are little mistakes that are easily tweaked, but otherwise, we’re in a pretty good shape.”

Jovi Davis, who’s splitting time with Ryan Bangs for the starting Quarterback position at McKay and saw time at the Safety position, too saw how the experience against the Lions, the Crusaders and the Titans as a beneficial one with the summer training season wrapping up here in a few weeks.

“We can improve defensively as communicating and knowing where we’re suppose to be at on the field with different kinds of formations out there,” “Offensively we got a lot better today starting from Week 1 when we did our 7-on-7’s.  Our timings were kind of off, we got frustrated and it would carry out for the rest of the 7-on series.

“But today it changed.  Our timing was better, we kept making big plays after big plays, after big plays and if we made a mistake, we cleared our heads and act like it was a brand new series so we just kept on going out there and fighting our hardest.”

Some of McKay’s Linebackers reacting to the snap against Jesuit Tuesday night (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

McKay and West Salem did face-off against one another in the Tuesday Night showdown however, a little skills preview of what is to come on September 1 at McKay, and Titan Head Coach Shawn Stanley gave his team the heads-up that the Scots will be on a mission since they’ll open-up their new turf to football to start the season.

And though it was just passing league, seeing some live-looks and live-scouting against both of what their pass plays look-like before that meeting here in a few weeks.

“It was really good to see what they have and what we’re going to be seeing, but you can never really too excited because last year, they came out and really fought with us the whole time,” said McMurrin.  “So we’ll have to be ready for a big challenge and I’m just really excited.”

And McKay is too excited, knowing that a stop here, a stop there in 2016, would’ve gave the Scots a big surprising win to start the last season.

But confidence is there this year nonetheless as they carry the chip on their shoulders of that 20-17 loss into this years meeting.

“We got a better chance than we did last year to take the ‘W’,” said Davis.  “I feel like we’ll finish the fourth quarter this year and I feel like they’re going to sleep on us.”

We’ll see come 7pm at McKay High School on September 1.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald




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