Sprague, McKay Competing At Metro Lineman Challenge

By Jeremy McDonald


HILLSBORO, Ore.–  With the first portion of the Metro Lineman Challenge at Hare Field wrapping up with team’s running around lifting and running stations under the warm, sunny skies in Hillsboro as teams around the area compete for team points like a track meet.

“It’s awesome, it’s a great time with my teammates,”  said Tyler Price, who’s making the move from Fullback to Guard for Sprague. “It’s just fun competing out here, seeing a lot of schools out here competing.”

With the team competitions stepping up to another with the two-man sled before the Tug of War Battles, McKay were looking to repeat in the two-man sled event that they won in 2016 with a senior heavy unit that clocked a 1:02 in the event.

McKay battling it out during the Tug of War Saturday at Hare Field (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


The lone non-senior in the group, Mr. Crossfit in sophomore Zair Ku Beiza ties in lessons from Crossfit into the Challenge Saturday as the Scots finished second in the event in 2017, but Ku Beiza enjoyed the experience since he is mostly a Linebacker for McKay and a change of pace from the 7-on-7 drills.

“Oh amazing especially being with Seniors, I was the only sophomore on that team so it was amazing,” said the Scots Linebacker. “But I love the people I’m with, they’re great.  We work great together.

“I kind of like this better because this is more my style…Crossfit/Weight-style, 7-on-7 is just running and catching the ball and make a touchdown,” adds Ku Beiza on which he liked more between 7-on-7 and the Lineman Challenge.

Raul Solis voiced his frustrations on the result, but was happy with how his McKay Lineman performed in the Sled Battle.

“It was alright…we made a couple of mistakes but I felt pretty good about it,” said Solis. “Just this whole Lineman Challenge-thing just kind of pushing each other and it’s really great because, even that kind of stuff when we’re competing, it just makes us better.

“You know we’re all bonding, over cheering each other so it kind of makes us better way better.  That’s about it.”

Teagan Quitoriano (Front) and his Sprague teammates too battling in the Tug of War Battle (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

During the Tug of War, some of the McKay group even cheered on their Olympian, Greater Valley Conference counterparts in pne of the Sprague early wins in the double-elimination tournament.

And, going off what Solis was saying, the Olys relied on each other in their hard-fought third win over Liberty to advance further in the bracket.  Sprague’s Teagan Quitoriano points to them being on the same page and having that same strong desire to win.

“I think we just work better as a team, it’s just plain out tougher.  It’s just who works harder as a team…who wants to win out there,” said Quitoriano after the win over the Falcons.  “I think we all just want to win and we’re going to try to win so I think we’re all on the same page, so we’re coming together as a team.”

Quitoriano took home two individual awards with Sprague taking fifth as a Varsity Squad and the Olympians JV taking eighth with four sophomores and four freshman on the JV side of things.

For McKay, the Scots finished seventh with Angel Fig taking home the Bench Press Championship and Ben Surov was overall MVP.

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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