Holly Jolly Christmas And Sorensen’s Crue Win Series Versus Mid-Coast

By Jeremy McDonald


NEWPORT, Ore.–  After dropping the middle game of their three-game series versus the Mid-Coast Dungies, there was something in the air entering Game three with Cameron Jolly coming to the bump for the Withnell Dodgers.

Wheither it was because they didn’t want to lose the series, Jolly coming off a fever or the combination of the two, the Dodgers clicked after two hard fought games versus the Dungies.

With Withnell up 3-0 entering the bottom of the third, Jolly’s no-hit bid was broken up as the Dodger defense held Mid-Coast to that one hit until the fifth inning when they got their second hit of the game.

But the Linn-Benton pitcher didn’t let that affect him one bit on this day.

“I just got my team behind my back, everytime I come in, we’re high-fiving and I got my squad behind me,” said Jolly.  “I actually came off a fever the last couple of days (and) coming out pitching felt really good,”

“It’s a huge mound coming down so coming down was a little weird, but adjusting to it made it useful more so than a burden,”

Justin Culpepper (Top-Right) coming in to the dugout out after his 2-run shot in Game 1 that then tied the game up at 6 in the 7-6 defeat (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Tanner Sorensen’s second home run of the summer brought himself and Justin Culpepper, who too hit a home run Wednesday in Game one of the doubleheader, to make it 5-0 and the Sprague-graduate knew it was just apart of adding insurance to their growing lead.

“We did a lot of that before my home run so I don’t think that…that was more insurance so that was nice to hit it but I think the domination was more because our heads were in it the right way,” starts Sorensen on the hit and the second game.  “We came out at the second game a lot better than the first.

“We left a lot of guys and I think just our mentality in our second game and not wanting to lose the series was really what made us win the second game, not my home run at all.”

The Dodgers left 15 on base in Game 1 of the doubleheader despite their 16 hits, and though they only had six hits and left seven on in game two; the Dodgers played more sound in bringing their base-runners home in that second game.

As they wrapped up the series win and their 21st win of the season, there were some fun in the dugout as Sorensen and company poked fun at how Sean Webster sang, “Take me out to the Ball Game”; leaving the question of:

Tanner Sorensen singing in the dugout in Newport Wednesday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

When can we expect the debut album from the Sorensen Crue?

“I’ll tell you what, I’ve been working on it the whole summer so it should be out by Mid-August,” said Sorensen with a smile.

Jolly had a different opinion to it though.

“Oh my gosh, it gets annoying,” he smiled and laughed “He’s making fun of Webby and everybody’s over it.”

As for now it’s to Grants Pass to prepare for the DeMarini Post 20 Dirtbag series this Sunday and Monday.

“We were actually talking about that, we want to hit our roll now,” said Sorensen. “Because now is the time where teams have to get hot, right when it gets down to the important part.  So we definitely want to go out there and get on a roll before our Dirtbag series on Sunday.

“So we’re not going to take these lightly, we’re going to go out there and we’re going to win a couple of ball-games.”

BOATWRIGHT RETURNS-  After suffering a dislocation a few days ago in Boise, Idaho, Noah Boatwright made his return to the diamond going 1-5 in the first game versus Mid-Coast as he eases his way back into the lineup following the injury.

“Well, this brace really helps keeping it in place a couple of times,” said Boatwright.  “It got a little scary  there in the bottom of the ninth when that guys undercut me and I hit the turf face down.

“But it was more precaution to keep me out of the second game just because we’re doing bigger and better things this summer than just play at the coast.”

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Photos By Jeremy McDonald



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