Young Scots Rally Came Up Short Versus Dayton

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  To start the game down 3-0 right off the bat in the opening 20 minutes isn’t the best way to start a game, summer-or-not; but for the remaining 60 minutes of the game, the McKay Lady Scots Girls Soccer settled in to prevent any further damage by the Lady Pirates of Dayton starting with their defense.

The backline disrupted the flow of the Pirates and shut down their big, tall forward and their offense as Lesly Bermudez brought the game to 3-1 by the halftime break thanks to the aggression starting from the defense working it’s way up to the offense.

“Well first we were playing slow, then we started picking up, we all started to understand where we had to be and when to press and who to press first,” said Karen Diep on the defensive side of the ball.  “We started fighting and not giving up.”

Alejandra Angel led charge to start the second half before an injury chasing down a ball near Dayton’s goalie box knocked her out of the game for a few minutes.

Though the injury, Mckay kept moving they cut it to 3-2 about 10 minutes into the second half and Bermundez almost tied it a few minutes later but was met by a Dayton foot in the shot trajectory.
Defensively, goalie Bianca Garibay made some crucial 2nd half saves to give her offense a chance to tie it as Angel made her way back into the game.  For Garibay, she’s been steadily getting comfortable with the position over the past week or two and making plays, stops and being the ‘voice’ that echoes out to the front-line.
“Literally in the last two weeks, she’s came out of her shell.  She’s been very nervous about playing goalie and not coming out and not taking that advantage and not using her voice,” said McKay Head Coach Katie Satre. “Last week, this week, it’s been amazing.  She’s a whole different goalie, and without that…without that goalie’s voice, without starting with the goalie’s voice and moving it forward, you don’t have a team.
“So her playing that role and stopping those balls and getting it up for us, it was absolutely amazing because without her, it would’ve been 6-0, 5-0, so she did an amazing job.”
Bianca Garibay (blue shirt) and her defense shut-down the Dayton offense after three quick goals to start the game (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)
In the waning minutes of the game, the Scots pushed their offensive muscle, pressuring Dayton on numerous occasions, but couldn’t find the back of the net.
Frustrated yes it was, but it’s a learning lesson of not giving up on the offensive side of the ball as two moments caused McKay to question if there was a foul inside the goalie box that could’ve either tied and/or give the Scots the lead through Penalty Kicks.
“I just try to trust myself, like trying to shooting it,” said Valeriya Shalashova who took a hard hit on the top of the goalie box during this time while looking for that tying shot.  “But it was kind of frustrating because we know we were trying our best, but we just tried not giving up.”
As a coaching staff, it’s something they were hoping for and been trying to teach the girls all summer long.
“That’s something that, as coaches, we can’t even do,” said Satre. “They have to learn to be calm, they have to take the game into their own hands because we can’t walk out there and show them how it’s done and they did a great job.  Even though it was 3-0 in the first 20 minutes, they came back and they fought hard and they wanted it because they knew those goals weren’t meant to happen and they were suppose to stop them and that they could beat this team.
“And that’s something inside of them that we can’t even coach.  That comes deep and that they want to fight and this game was a win. Unfortunately we didn’t get that, but it was really, really close of getting that.”
At the end of the day, it was a learning experience for the Scots with the 4H season coming to an end Wednesday at home versus McMinnville at 6pm at McKay Park.
“I think this was a really good game for us because it could actually teach us a lot, like not giving up and we will have a lot of things that will make us go back, like a lot of frustrating moments and teach us not to get frustrated and pissed, it should give us something into next game,” said Shalashova.
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Photos by Jeremy McDonald

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